RadioShack cuts $20 off AT&T iPhone 5 models through December 15th

“Electronics retailer RadioShack has launched a temporary sale on AT&T models of the iPhone 5,” Electronista reports.

“From today until December 15th, the company offering a $20 discount; that puts the price of a 16GB phone as low as $180,” Electronista reports. “The same $20 can be taken off the costs of 32 and 64GB phones.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. No, right thread!

        See, where as Radio Shack CUTS $20.00 off, “cut” is not in Obama’s lexicon, as Obama is willing to allow the country to go over the fiscal cliff by not outlining specific cuts in government programs for the increase in tax rates on those making $250,000 or more that he wants the Republicans to cave on.

        Been down that road before with George H. W. Bush “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” who was willing to raise taxes first for cuts in programs by Democratic politicians later. Those cuts never came!

        Moral to the story… Democratic politicians never see a government program they are willing to cut and never trust lying, servile, scum Liberal – Progressive – Democratic Politician… like Obama!

        1. Loser,

          He did outline cuts. However, he isn’t willing to take further cuts to social security and medicare. People have invested in that and depend on that to live. Makes a lot of sense to have the rich pay their share of taxes when they earn the country’s 98% of income. Arguments about the rich being able to create jobs or the trickle down theory has unfortunately never worked nationwide. Instead, they have been laying off more people while inflating their own income. It works for them, doesn’t it? Not very American right?

          About spending, why don’t the republicans like to make cuts in defense spending? Is it because the private sector that builds for the military inflates the cost of equipment? Look how out of control the costs of the F-22 and F-35 went. The cost per plane more than doubled than originally proposed and thus, their production numbers had to be limited.

          I’m not against EVERYBODY,including the poor and the middle class contributing where they need to. I’m AGAINST lazy people not working and living off welfare. There are problems that need to be addressed and simply politicizing things aren’t going to solve it.

          People should study Singapore and see how well government works and how well private industry flourishes in that country while keeping crime low.

          I’m not against the rich or being rich myself. However, when you live in America, shouldn’t you contribute based on your wealth? Sounds like communism? No, sounds like being conservative and patriotic to me because the more opportunistic and diverse the economic system the greater it is for the rest. If not, I guess you are selfish and greedy. Such as the focus of the republican party is today. They aren’t really interested in creating jobs more than they are in maintaining an incline to their wealth.

          So, your comparison to Radioshack and the President has no match and you simply mimic the rhetoric of the republicans.

          1. A voice of reason … Thanks for pointing out that greed is behind the republican agenda and it will be the downfall of this country if left unchecked… Fortunately …. They lost the big one and will now start to see losses elsewhere.

          2. “Not very American” you say?
            “American” way is starting to equal the Socialism way. We can not go on funding half the country’s poor choices in life:
            – Pregnant and can’t afford the first kid yet has even more kids.
            – Drop outs that can’t get a job.
            – The lazy who won’t look for a job and can’t keep a job if they do get one.
            – Druggies who can’t hold a job.
            – The fakely disabled who often one of the above too. (Yes they exist, I knew someone who faked a physical disability most of his adult life to collect benefits but worked for cash under the table with no problem while taxpayers payed for him to do this AND father 7 kids taxpayer supported).

            They can’t afford food and housing they say, yet most of these people find money to waste on smokes, booze, drugs, tatoos, have their nails done, own a big screen TV, etc. We have the best living, fattest, most cared for poor in the world.

            There are only so many of us WILLING to working for less and less money that gets siphoned off to pay for those that don’t or won’t work. Those of us that followed the rules, put their nose to the gridstone and keep a job (even one they don’t like) have less to enjoy from their dedicated labor due to paying for the list of have-nots above.

        2. As a Democrat and “freaking libtard”, thank you for you thought on the matter. It’s apparent that we just couldn’t see such an obvious answer to the current economic doldrums. To think that all we had to do was stop spending money and the whole mess would just go away… well you could have knocked me over with a feather.

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