Obama to reward Google’s Schmidt with Cabinet post?

“Already a winner on the business front for his support and guidance to President Obama and his reelection campaign, there is growing speculation that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is in line for an even bigger payoff: secretary of either Treasury or Commerce or a new ‘secretary of business’ slot,” Paul Bedard reports for The Washington Examiner.

“Cabinet shakeup watchers have focused on Schmidt and his Yoda status in the Obama reelection campaign, Google’s massive $1.9 million to Democrats in the election, and the administration’s efforts to quiet a potential Federal Trade Commission investigation of Google as key signs that the president wants Schmidt in the cabinet,” Bedard reports. “Since Obama ran for national office, Google has been there with money and advice.”

Bedard reports, “It’s been a match made in heaven. Schmidt stood with Obama during his first 2008 post-election press conference. When Obama started to push for a new round of stimulus spending in 2011, Schmidt was a cheerleader. Google’s political action committee delivered $1.6 million to Democrats in 2008 and over $700,000 to Obama in the last election.”

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    1. The whole US gov’t represents not the people but big money. All current politicians should get impeached because we know big money got them there. We should get rid of political donations and the ridiculous idea that a corporation is a person. Maybe later, we can remove legalese from the laws, like in Switzerland, that way the common man can take the power back from the all powerful high-priest-lawyers. The idea that a known thief, absolutely evil man, may control the country is crazy. Unfortunately, either the majority of Americans are stupid/short-sighted, or big money has absolute control of law makers and the courts. If either is the case, then overwhelming despair for the 99.9% of mankind is inevitable.

      1. I say that most Americans are just short. Compared to those giants in the rest of the world, we will forever be known as the civilization who scraped the used chewing gum from the bottom of the desks of modern thought. All praise, ye.

        1. YESS!! Welcome back!! No, wait; WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ‘FIRST 2010, THEN 2012’?! And are we to assume that the iCal dates he *INSISTED* we all input should just be ignored/deleted?!

  1. Could our current economic challenges be due to so many goods and services being made obsolete by a wondrous device that fits in your pocket?

    Companies will fail in large numbers as the new paradigm emerges.

          1. Reflecting, I realize that my flip response to your serious contribution detracted from the usual excellence of discourse at this site and I want to apologize for trivializing the matter. I may have become overly zealous after playing around with a new Shakespeare app.

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