Apple’s iOS up 2% to 67% share; Android down 2% to 33% in U.S. & Canadian smartphone, tablet Web traffic

“Apple and Google are very nearly in the same spot as they were six months ago when it comes to Web traffic, a new study says,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“Advertising and analytics company Chitika [on Monday] put out new numbers from a six-month study of U.S. and Canadian Web traffic collected from ad impressions by iOS and Android devices,” Lowensohn reports. “Apple closed in on 67 percent of the overall Web traffic that Chitika recorded, ending on November 27. That’s up 2 percent from where it started near the end of May. Google’s Android, meanwhile, ended at 33 percent, down 2 percent from where it started off.”

Lowensohn reports, “‘This data may also suggest that users largely don’t switch between different OSes when they upgrade their device,’ Chitika wrote in a post announcing the results. ‘Should this be true, manufacturers of Android devices are competing more with each other for customers, while Apple is in little danger of having its user base dwindle.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s some corroborating data:

“An online survey of 600 smartphone owners by research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) suggests that a significant number of Android owners are planning to jump ship and buy an iPhone over the next 6 months,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reported for ZDNet on September 25, 2012. “Of the 40 percent that admitted to owning an Android, 22 percent said they were going to make the switch to the iPhone within the next 6 months. iPhone users it seems are a lot more loyal. Of the 23 percent that owned up to owning an iPhone, only 9 percent said they were planning to defect to Android… Overall, Android owners are 2.4 times more likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa.”

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  1. Most phone hardware is good enough for me, but not the rest…

    Support and services and software are so valuable that it is what keeps me on iPhone.

    Clued in users know this. Google doesn’t.

    1. very well said. many android phones are spec kings, but it’s the UI and UX that causes me to stick to iPhone

      WP8 has a very creative concept, but their low information density is problematic

  2. You know it’s interesting when ever we get 3rd party (real world) data it confirms what you see on the street; real iPhones outnumber android copycat phones by roughly 2-1.

    However the nebulous gooogle “activation” and ‘roid vendor sales numbers (that upon closer inspection turn out to be shipping not sales) figures indicate that the reverse is true; i.e. that android OS copies of the iPhone outnumber real iPhones by 2-1.

    Mmm perhaps people really do buy all those ‘roid phones but then don’t carry or use them.
    Yeah that makes sense….

  3. There is a huge internal contradiction in all these stats. Sales figures supposedly tell us Android devices outsell iOS by about 70:30. We can’t be sure because the figures for Android are not sales figures, but ‘shipments’ or ‘activations’. But let’s roll with it. Usage figures tell us the opposite: iOS 66:33 Android.

    This makes it look like most purchasers of Android-based phones are not interested in their key ‘smart’ functionality. In other words they are buying them as feature phones. Really fancy, techie, super feature phones, but feature phones nonetheless. Despite the price. Pimped cars aren’t cheap either.

    If so it is time to stop calling these ‘smart phone’ sales if they are not used as smart phones.

    A little bit of math shows that, roughly, about 6 iOS users access the internet for every Android user. (I assumed only 80% of iOS users access the net). Thus giving iOS a market share of the ‘real’ smart phone market of ~85%. Which fits much better with all the access data we see, and the anecdotal evidence folks here keep offering. So, yes, Tessellator, they buy them and do not use them. No /s at all.

  4. Is it just me or anyone else is annoyed by this piece of you know what AD of Samsung in the bottom of page…a unfortunate mouse movement and it takes the entire page…gee MDN, you need money, but this kind of AD drive people like away from your website…

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