Apple v. Samsung Judge Koh: Patents in Apple-HTC settlement deal can’t be sealed; pricing and royalty rates can be kept under wraps

“Major details of the legal settlement between Apple and HTC could be made public following a ruling from a California judge,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET. “”

“U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh said that while details of pricing and royalty rates for patents from both companies should be kept under wraps from public view, the same does not hold true for the rest of the agreement,” Lowensohn reports. “That includes a list of the patents that were a part of the settlement deal announced last month, which made peace between Apple and HTC following a tedious legal fight, Koh said.”

Lowensohn reports, “Both companies are due back in court on Thursday for a hearing that is expected to iron out some of the aftermath of the August jury verdict that landed squarely in Apple’s favor. Some of that includes a motion by Apple to permanently ban at least eight of Samsung’s devices in the U.S., as well as one by Samsung that seeks to get the entire trial thrown out.”

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  1. Copycats lose and still win, in house chip fab, and LCD screen fab is the only way to go long term suck it up Apple, it may cost a little, but this dance with Samsung is getting old, being in business with them isn’t worth it at any cost.

  2. So *EVERYTHING* but the specific dollar values of the Apple-HTC agreement is public so every Apple and every HTC competitor will know the details of the agreement (except the dollar values). Additionally, Samsung’s lawyers will know *ALL* the details, including the dollar values — which, of course, will never “accidentally” leak to Samsung management in any way.

    This set of rulings is the worst ever by Koh. At the very least, Apple should appeal this ruling as far as necessary to get it over turned. It sets a very, very bad precedent. If you get into a legal battle with another business then they can, with this precedent, force you to make public all your most confidential dealings.

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