Windows 8 uptake more like Vista than Windows 7

“After a month on the market, Windows 8’s usage uptake resembles 2007’s Vista — ultimately a poor performer for Microsoft — rather than the eventually successful Windows 7, a Web measurement company said Saturday,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“According to Net Applications, 1.2% of all Windows PCs ran Windows 8 during November, more than double its share the month before,” Keizer reports. “While Windows 8 uptake rate edged Vista’s first full month — that OS ended February 2007 with a 1% share of all Windows systems — the new edition actually jumped less than the problem- and perception-plagued Vista. From January to February 2007, Vista increased its share more than five times, compared to the doubling of Windows 8.”:

Keizer reports, “By the end of Vista’s second month, it accounted for 2.2% of all copies of Windows. To equal that, Windows 8 will have to add another full percentage point to its share in December. Net Applications’ statistics corroborate other data that showed Windows 8 has not prompted consumers or businesses to buy new PCs.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
Last week, the NPD Group said that in the four weeks since Windows 8’s Oct. 26 debut, U.S. consumer PC sales had dropped 21% compared to the same period in 2011. NPD’s conclusion: Windows 8’s introduction not only failed to boost PC sales, but it also did nothing to slow the year-long slide.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows 8ista.

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    1. These numbers do not take into account the number of Mac computers that are running Windows 8 OS. Apple Macs can run Windows 8 then turn off the crap. You up grade your PC and it is Windows 8 forever!

  1. In a more rational view from the user’s point of view, “Why do I need to constantly upgrade?”

    After all, a 1990 Suburban will get me to work reliably as long as it is maintained.

    Consumers may be switching mindsets to getting “the most” from the “least effort & cash” on their part in dealing with “the computer”.

    If true, this is a game changer working against Microsoft who now wants to release a new OS EVERY YEAR. Fail !

    1. While this sounds good… it turns out that browsers and other web software keeps upgrading to take advantage of new OS functions.

      Suddenly you have a computer that works well, just not on the web…. 🙁

      I have 3 Macs that work well, just not on the web. Almost all of the functionality is lost as new web features have REPLACED the old features and now my old browsers WILL NOT function there.

      Just a thought.

      1. Sadly true. …and Apple is a rather bad offender in the “planned obsolescence” department. The switches to OSX and to Intel chips were quite painful for a lot of folks.

        Why is the App store that useless for upgrading older software titles that you already own???

        1. I don’t think you really know what “obsolescence” means.

          I’m writing this on an original generation eMac. It’s not even using the newest version of Safari it could run.


          Because it works. I don’t know where eldernorm is getting the idea that Macs basically can’t browse the internet anymore if they don’t have the latest editions OS X and Safari, but he’s wrong as hell(unless he talking about, like, ancient pre-OS X Macs). Most of my time spent on this computer is spent web browsing. Number of features that don’t work? Exactly one. I can’t comment on blogs because the pulldown menu to select a profile fails to load due to a poorly written javascript. For that I have to use some old, more fault-tolerant version of Opera that is, ironically, older than the Safari I have.

          PPC Macs are still perfectly usable even after the switch to Intel and Apple dropping support for them. This I can attest to.

          Would an upgrade be nice? Sure. Is it actually needed? No.

          Do you and eldernorm not know what you’re talking about? Yes.

    1. I’ve seen this vacant-where’d-my-brain-cells-go look before – it was on Sinofsky’s face when it dawned on him that the frozen Surface he was proudly showing off to the world’s media was too zonked out of its tree to go to work that day.

      I think that M$ should use this picture instead of the BSOD on future releases of M$ crapware – it’ll remind the poor end user who is responsible for yet another days work having gone down the drain. Printed versions could be used for darts practice – at least M$ users would get a little exercise while waiting for their machines to re-boot!

      Someone should do the man a favour and push the smelling salts under his nose before he keels right over…the lights ARE on but it don’t look like anyone’s actually in.

  2. Ballmer’s rationale: “We were expecting much more consumer caution to this “very advanced” and different super version of Windows so sales are in line with rejections. We are predicting 50% uptake by this time next year when consumers will see all the great time-wasting activity spent navigating through the labyrinth of unnecessary tiles on a desktop UI, and also when monkeys and chairs fly out of my butt.”

  3. Windows 8 is also like Vista in that it replaced a popular version of Windows with something less popular. The difference is that Windows XP really needed to be replaced with something new. Windows 7 would have been fine with a “service pack” update.

    1. Well, another difference is that W8 is actually worse than Vista. Much, much, much, much worse.

      The bloated layer of eyecandy and barrage of confirm-or-deny dialogue boxes are absolutely nothing compared to the insane freakshow that is Metro.

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