First official photo of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs released

“Eight months after coping with the news that Ashton Kutcher would be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic of the late Apple founder, film and Apple fans are now beginning to grapple with the first official photo of Kutcher in character,” Julie Miller reports for Vanity Fair.

“Courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival, which, just moments ago, announced that jOBS — weird capitalization choice theirs, not ours — would premiere at this year’s festival, the photo shows the Two and a Half Men lead in a cubicle,” Miller reports. “Outfitted in a button-down shirt, jeans, and a goatee—Kutcher’s Jobs, who leans against a desk in front of a poster bearing the IBM slogan THINK—bears an eerie resemblance to a vintage photo of an actual Steve Jobs floating around on the Internet.”

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs (Photo by Glen Wilson/Sundance)
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs (Photo by Glen Wilson/Sundance)


Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

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jOBS / U.S.A. (Director: Joshua Michael Stern, Screenwriter: Matt Whiteley) — The true story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history, jOBS chronicles the defining 30 years of Steve Jobs’ life. jOBS is a candid, inspiring and personal portrait of the one who saw things differently. Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons, Matthew Modine. CLOSING NIGHT FILM

Read more about the 2013 Sundance Film Festival here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’d be funny if this one ends up being better than the “real” Sony Pictures film based on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography adapted by Aaron Sorkin. Here’s hoping magic touches both films!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. If they cannot get the details right, why try.

    The watch, the computer, the candy apple, the cubicle, the shirt, the hair, the round table.

    The Devil is in the details.

    That said, he does look kinda like Steve.

    1. If you read Issue 1 of MacWorld, I recall there being a full page ad for a company or some project called Candy Apple. Not sure what they produced. I wish I kept my copy.

      Looking forward to the movies.

      1. There seems to be some confusion here between the concept of a usual, narrative motion picture and a re-enactment. This movie (jOBS), as well as the other (the one written by Sorkin) are works of fiction, with screenplays written by professional script writers. They both fall into the category of a “biopic” (biographical motion picture), where they are based on a true story about an actual person (living or dead). The primary goal of such films is to entertain the audience (and NOT to re-create and re-tell the life story of the subject as closely and as accurately as possible). Both films will likely claim to do exactly the latter (be accurate), but this is only for advertising purposes, so that they better accomplish the former (entertain audiences). Neither will actually be completely accurate, and the scripts in both will frequently veer from the real-life narrative wherever it is necessary, to make for better drama, in order to better entertain audiences.

        I have no doubt that the Apple ultra-faithful will be sorely disappointed by the number of facts the film(s) got so totally wrong… and they’re bound to, otherwise, they would likely be much less entertaining.

  2. Just got home and in the quiet of the room while I look at SJ’s picture just realized my earbuds are still playing music. Album named ‘Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, track “Shine on you crazy diamond”. No Kidding!

  3. It would matter little even if ‘Bugs Bunny’ had the starring role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming production, millions of theatre goers including myself would pay money to see his story on the big screen.

  4. I heard the rest of the cast will include:

    Jon Cryer and Bill Gates
    Mila Kunis as Melinda Gates
    Bruce Willis and Steve Ballmer
    Topher Grace as John Sculley
    Danny Masterson as Steve Wozniak
    Demi Moore as Chris Ann Brennan

    And ‘special’ guest star-
    Charlie Sheen as John McAfee,
    who is running from viruses in his head after contracting syphilis…..

  5. I would have never believed Jim Carey could do any serious acting well – until I saw his Eternal Sunshine. Ashton Kutcher has already shown that he can do more than just goofy roles in Butterfly Effect. There’s a distinct possibility this won’t suck. I’m going to reserve judgement until this film is actually released.

  6. Is it just me, or is it so utterly wrong to have the spelling of Steve’s last name done in reverse capitalisation (jOBS)?

    Isn’t this the result of accidentally turning on CAPS LOCK on a Windows computer and then typing Jobs (the normal way)? The source of utter frustration of so many Windows users, the epitome of what is fundamentally wrong with Windows (why on Earth would ANYONE want a lower-case character to come out when holding shift, CAPS LOCK or not???!!!). By typing it this way, the title almost gives a sentimental nod to Windows…

  7. Wow! The Apple IIe in the background brings back memories. I sold mine (with a whopping 128K of memory) and (2- 5.25″ floppy drives) for $800 in 1987, to buy an Apple II GS. Didn’t jump to the mac until the 90’s.

    One drive held the operating system and the other was for data. I remember using VisiCalc spreadsheet software (what Lotus 1-2-3 copied before Excel copied from them). It is most like what would have been on Steve’s computer (which is not visible in his picture).

    As an Apple user for over 30 years, I have so many great memories and a museum of old (but working) computers.

    But I really miss that Apple IIe. It was like a first love!

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