Apple’s ‘next big thing’ might not be a ‘thing’ at all

“The ‘next big thing’ from Apple might not be a smartphone, tablet, computer or a television,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “It might not even be a service like a Pandora competitor or a new TV service tied to an Apple set-top box.”

“Instead, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes the next big thing for Apple will be a deal,” Epstein reports. “In the December 10th issue of Forbes magazine, Connie Guglielmo writes that the iPhone’s eventual arrival on China Mobile, China’s biggest wireless carrier, will be Apple’s next big catalyst.”

Epstein reports, “If Apple’s older, low-priced iPhone models are picked up by China Mobile, Huberty thinks Apple stock will explode to as much as $980 a share.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. So, if Apple makes even more money, you don’t think that the influx of addition capital would bring about new innovations, products, services and possibly lower prices on older items? Think outside your box.

      1. No, it wouldn’t. Apple already has more than 100b$ in bank. There is zero ideas that Apple is not having or projects they are postponing due lack off financing. Also, if Apple would want to lower their pricing, they have had enough capital to do that for a looong time.

  1. Marvellous. Somewhat off topic but does anyone have any idea why this website hasn’t been loading properly for the last couple of weeks? I’ve tried it on a PC in Explorer and on a Mac in Safari with the same results – the frames are all over the place and the page just appears as one long list of items.

    1. Maybe someone messed with your Safari preferences? Specifically, under Advanced, “Style sheet” should say “None Selected.” Some other value there could cause what you’re seeing.

    2. Me too – it loads and looks fine at home on my MBP but is a straight list on my works iMac (just once in a while it does actually load correctly) – both machines are running ML with Safari 6.0.2. No issues with any other site.
      As for the “next big thing” – why don’t they just wait and see? I’m sure it will be more good stuff from Apple whatever happens.
      I am slightly more looking forward to seeing what fate has in store for Microsoft over the next few weeks – they just seem to be getting dafter with every passing day now. They’ve been a great source of amusement these last few months, long may it continue!

  2. wait, wait, wait,… Zach Epstein reports that Katy Huberty believes that Connie Guglielmo writes that Apples iPhone deal in China will be big. This just in …water is wet. I need a cut and paste journalism job. gees.

  3. I dunno. Everyone on Wall Street says only about .05% of Chinese consumers can afford iPhones. That leaves about 99.95% of China’s population left to buy affordable Android smartphones. All the articles will still tell how the iPhone is being crushed by Android in market share just as they are now. If anything, it will be pointed out how the iPhone is falling further and further behind in smartphone market share. Market share appears to be the only measure that matters to boost a stock’s share price.

    /s & /t

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