Microsoft’s Surface Pro iPad killer to start at $899

“The common consensus in the tech world is that we’ll have to wait till Microsoft releases the Surface Pro with full Windows 8 before making a judgement on Microsoft’s dreams of squashing the iPad,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

MacDailyNews Take: Why wait? Microsoft won’t squash the iPad.

“Well, things aren’t looking too promising because Microsoft just announced that the Surface Pro will be available in January 2013 except it’s going to be expensive, like holy-crap-I-just-blew-$900 expensive,” Heine reports. “Yep, the baseline model of the Microsoft Surface Pro will be priced at $899. For the nearly the price of two iPads with Retina display you’ll be able to buy a 64GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro that comes with regular Windows 8 rather than the crummy Windows RT that comes with the Surface RT. Oh, and that $900 you’re going to shell out on the Surface Pro doesn’t include one of their really awesome Touch Cover keyboards. You’ll have to buy that separately for $129.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yup, “really awesome” at splitting open and spitting out wires:

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover splits open, exposing wire underneath. Photo: Matthew Baxter-Reynolds.
Microsoft Surface Touch Cover splits open, exposing wire underneath. Photo: Matthew Baxter-Reynolds.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: DOA.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. @ M: spot on. As I’ve been saying for a long time now, let’s hope Apple gets serious about enterprise. By overpricing its tablet, MS just handed them a gift. Apple needs to offer CIOs some bulk deals on MacBook Airs pronto.

      As for consumer market: Apple iPad users should be breathing a sigh of relief. Had the Surface Pro undercut the price of the iPad, everything could be different. Microsoft still has a HUGE edge in Windows legacy software developers. We can only hope that Cook gets off his duff and works on cracking that nut instead of focusing all attention on predictable incremental iPhone updates & iPad derivatives and that unprofitable “hobby”, Apple TV.

      1. The best part is, they didn’t exactly “over price it”. Thats probably competitive for all the crap they shoved into it that a tablet doesn’t need. That also means they won’t be lowering it to squash the iPad any time soon.

      2. There was never any chance that they could have got anywhere near an iPad price without zero or minus profit margin. Its an update of an old idea/product that has always been expensive and uncompetitive compared to true laptops, now more than ever with Air type laptops. They are hoping that Tablet mania will help hide that fact and likely that will have some effect at least initially. But this price looks like a disaster for long term serious sales potential.

        Apple TV isnt quite the hobby its made out to be its a long term plan that will become clearer over time, meanwhile this hobby is selling better than many so called market hits and is making a fair amount of money for Apple just not compared to its market dominating products… yet.

    2. Other than Office being on the ugly thing. If Microsloth didn’t have the Office software they’d have gone under a few years ago. It’s the main thing keeping them alive and they know it.

    1. Agreed though most laptops don’t let you manipulate objects by touching the screen. I personally don’t need to touch the screen if there is a keyboard and touch pad but then again, if you want to use a tablet, buy a tablet (iPad).

          1. Now add the full Intel-based Office, and other bloated (designed with laziness for huge hard drives) Windows apps, that the user considers essential for the “pro” Windows experience…

  1. So they not only decided to start copying the idea of an app store and anything else that Apple already do, they thought they would have a go at premium pricing too, as if a high price somehow means that what you purchase for all that money endows the device with high quality and faultless performance. They have totally lost the plot.

    M$ keep shooting themselves in the foot at such a rate they must be using an automatic.

  2. Wait for full release of Win 8 Pro before passing judgement? Whenever that happens, then will they say they need to wait for Win 8 SP1 ?
    Oh, wait. Maybe they are waiting for someone to actually purchase and use a retail version of Surface Pro! The final act for Best Buys is to take delivery on a bunch of Surface Pro’s — and set ’em up between the Blackberry and Nokia displays.

  3. Ok, we can definitely challenge MS over their lack of quality. But in all fairness, my new Verizon 64 gb 4th generation iPad just arrived. The price was $829. I paid it with no regrets. And I would have more than likely made the purchase if was $899.

    So, let’s not pretend that somehow $900 is an unrealistic price for a tablet. And let’s not compare the 16 gb version of the iPad with this 64 gb offering from MS.

    Is the Apple product the better one? In my opinion, it is most certainly. But it’s not better because it is cheaper than the 64 gb Surface.

    1. You make a good point. A tricked out iPad can cost a lot of money.

      But, this $900 entry level Surface Pro only has 45 GB of usable storage space, so it’s not really comparable to a 64GB iPad storage wise. It doesn’t have any cellular connectivity. The battery on the Pro lasts only half as long as the RT, so less then half of the iPad. On top of that it will be thicker, heavier, hotter, etc.

      And the only (potential) upside of the Surface Pro is it can run regular Windows programs, but regular windows programs absolutely suck in a touch screen environment.

      All in all, I think the value proposition of the Surface Pro sucks, especially compared to the iPad.

      1. Your point is well taken. I haven’t had the chance to see the Surface, so I can only comment based on what I’ve read. But, I have been a satisfied customer with all things iOS.

      2. While I’m the furthest thing away from a Microsoft person. I do have to say you can add an microSDXC card for more storage. Not that’d I’d ever buy that huge pile of junk.

    2. If you think of the space need in terms of percentage, then the baseline ipad 4 vs baseline surface pro would be correct. apps for the ipad are much smaller in size for comparable apps that run on windows 8, so I think it is a fair comparison. Plus as any windows user knows, as time goes by, the free space will keep shrinking on the surface pro just by using it, as alot of cruft keeps accululating, plus you know it will need a full time anti-virus program running also. It is a full blown version of windows after all. . . . . .

  4. Well, I’ll probably be in line to buy one once they actually appear. I have an app (SAC) that runs only on x86 PCs and my current table (HP TouchSmart laptop) just doesn’t work well. I have three iPads at home/work and half a dozen iPhones and wish there were an Apple solution for me, but it’s gotta be Windows…

    Bloat by Windows on the 64GB doesn’t matter, as I only plan on running a single app on it.

    True, my single purchase probably won’t turn things around for Microsoft, but they’ll get at least one or two sales from me (unless a “partner” offers something better real quick.

    1. Can’t you run your x86 app on an intel computer and then use it via remote desktop, VNC, or the Parallels iOS app?

      That sounds much preferable than wasting your money on a thick, heavy, battery hogging, Windows running tablet. Ugh.

      1. “Can’t you run your x86 app on an intel computer and then use it via remote desktop, VNC, or the Parallels iOS app?”
        Sadly, no.
        It’s a realtime 72-channel live audio mixer. Using VNCs produce a large latency that creates performance problems.

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