Apple said to ‘decimate’ pro audio team, digital audio pros fear for Logic’s future

“There may be no future for Apple’s pro audio application Logic if reports that the company has ‘decimated’ its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“Pro Tools Expert sources claim that in Europe Apple has just two pro application specialists and no plans to hire any one else,” Haslam reports. “That site claims a search on Apple’s job site returned some audio related jobs relating to iPod speakers, audio in Final Cut and internal sound engineers.”

Haslam reports, “The next audio application from Apple will be for the iPad, according to Pro Tools Expert sources.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nope.

Always in motion the future is. Patience, padawans.


  1. I seem to remember the same headline just different from 2010: “Apple Decimates FCP Team Dev Team.”

    Prelude to yet another disruption. For better or worse, Apple is gonna just keep innovating.

    Go AAPL!

  2. Logic is wonderful. It’s not the industry standard. It does just about anything that a DAW needs to do. It’s updated promptly. If it disappears, I will go back to Protools and Apple will lose an audio customer.

  3. All of today’s Logic Pro “articles” point to the same suspect single source article from Pro – tools – expert.

    The FCP team was eliminated in Feb 1010. FCPX came out in June 2011 via a new FCP team.

    1. It’s also a bullshit usage of the word decimate, which actually means to reduce by 10% as opposed to the idea that it means to only keep 10%.

      It’s based on a punishment that was meted out in the Roman Army to punish mutiny or cowardice on the field of battle, where a group identified for punishment would be divided into sets of ten and then draw lots to see which man would die. He would then be stoned or clubbed to death by the nine men who didn’t draw the short straw.

      I know life at Apple is competitive, but I suggest it isn’t quite that brutal.

  4. Apple also wiped out the Aperture team. Aperture, once an industry leading piece of software, is now a laughing stock. No serious photographer uses Aperture anymore. No one.

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