Why Samsung’s Galaxy will never beat Apple’s iPhone (with video)

Olivier Wolf, a telecoms analyst at Greenwich Consulting, explains why consumers will continue snapping up the latest Apple iPhone over Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Why Samsung’s Galaxy Will Never Beat Apple’s iPhone

• Design: Samsung’s is plasticky, Apple’s is decidedly not.

• Apps: Apps for iOS are higher quality, work more consistently than apps on afterthought platforms.

• Simplicity: Apple’s iPhone family makes it easier for consumers to choose the right device for their needs.

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “dbcoyle” for the heads up.]


  1. And yet they ALL still miss the point that Android runs inside a Virtual Machine in Java… IE: emulated code running non-native… It takes a quad core chip to match the performance of a dual core clocked lower.

      1. WRONG, they (the average consumer) may not fully understand the technological reasons but they DO comprehend lag, unresponsiveness and choppy transitions; all symptoms of the above mentioned little factoid you discount so easily.

        1. Not really. When you buy the phone, every single pre-installed app will work smoothly (Samsung will make sure of that). Consumer will not know that apps run in an emulator. They will not know that more complex apps will be slow. They will only discover this once it is too late, they’re stuck in a two-year contract and can’t bail out.

          The only way to make this point to a consumer would be to carefully translate and simplify this fact (something like: “Android phones are much slower than comparable iPhones due to poorly written Android software”) and leave it at that. Obviously, no salesman will ever do this if they make more money peddling Android than the iPhone…

          1. You must not have tried an Android phone that is on display, it has severe lag, choppiness and stalling, right out of the box, with pre-installed apps. Click on something once, twice, three times and then suddenly it goes… Do yourself a favor and go to an authorized reseller and try it for yourself… I am no analyst but in my experience the ONLY reason anyone I know gets an Android phone is BECAUSE they are BOGO/BOGT or free. Cheap is as cheap does. Android phones REQUIRE severe specs just to run at an acceptable (for some) level and consumers fall for it time and again. Oh look, I have a quad core, 2 gigs ram a huge screen and more… wait, why is this phone so slow, unresponsive and choppy? Why can’t my HUGE replaceable battery last any longer than that super thin iPhone5?

    1. It totally depends on the app since there is the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) you can have apps that are purely Dalvik or Dalvik linked with native code.

      Besides the JIT in Dalvik caches a native copy of the app so its not like you have to deal with a bytecode to native code compilation while the app is running.

      The only major hits I have witnessed with Dalvik vs. native C is when doing recursion. Using C and the NDK to make a call to a function recursively is magnitudes faster than davlik bytecode.

      recursion is kind of like playing with fire to begin with so I’m not sure it really matters.

  2. It doesn’t have to beat the iPhone
    There is no one brand or model of car and there will be more than one smartphone

    I have an iPhone 5 but was telling my mom to buy a galaxy s3 just for the google now features

  3. About 60% of SamDung Customers are one time buyers ….. They try, ONCE, and then don’t return …..

    Personally I know of four people who tried and now either have or want an iPhone …..

    1. even as an apple fan i think your comment is ridiculous….i have plenty of friends who have galaxies and love them….i have an iphone but appreciate android technology and what a free os like it has to offer. android used similar icons, they used pinch to zoom and made their phone a rectangle….who the hell cares? There are plenty of features that android has implemented first. Get over it whats with all this hate seriously its f-in embarassing..Get with the times and realize that android isnt going anywhere…why cant this website be a respectful apple appreciation site instead of a bunch of fanboys commenting on how much they hate everything that is not apple

      1. “…why cant this website be a respectful apple appreciation site instead of a bunch of fanboys…”

        I get the feeling that you’ve never visited this site before.

  4. The Galaxy S4 is just about ready to go early next year with a larger display and an even faster 2.0 GHz quad-core processor with 4GB of system RAM and 32 GB of storage for the same cost as the older GS3. Samsung is going to make sure that no consumer will ever consider buying an iPhone.


    1. Yes because it’s all about smart phone specs and nothing else. If there is ever an “Einstein” award equivalent to the Darwin award I hope you will be the first to receive it. Until then put this Dunce hat on and stand in the corner.

  5. I inadvertently did a little test today. I needed a roofer and I had my Windows 8 Lumia 920 with me. I tried the voice search function using this phrase:
    “find me a local roofing company”
    The Lumia came up empty. OK, so I tried my iPhone 5 with Siri. I was used the same phrase and Siri gave me 10 choices, even offering to show me the one closest with the best reviews.
    I figured I would try the same thing on my GS3 (yes, I have phone issues… I am seeing someone about it) using the voice search. Same phrase, this time I was presented with a google search page that started with paid links and then continued with random listings including a site that was just another search for local roofers.
    Hands down the iPhone was the better tool for the job.

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