ITProPortal reviews Apple iPad (4th gen.): ‘The king; the best large tablet you can buy today’

“Now in its fourth iteration in two years, the Apple iPad continues its reign as the slate king,” Sascha Segan reports for ITProProtal. “The best large tablet you can buy today, the fourth Apple iPad has it all: Top performance, a stellar screen, an improved and surprisingly good camera, speedy Wi-Fi, and a breath-taking library of apps. It really is the full package.”

“The latest iPad packs an Apple A6X processor which Geekbench reports to be running at 1.4GHz (Apple won’t confirm or deny this). The custom-designed A6, as seen in the iPhone 5, was already one of the fastest CPUs available; the A6X enhances the A6 with even better graphics,” Segan reports. “The results are stunning… Apple’s efficient software comes into play when comparing the iPad 4 against Google’s Nexus 10 too. While the Nexus 10 notched a faster Geekbench score at 2,480, the iPad creamed it on all of our actual web-browsing tests – Sunspider, Browsermark, and GUIMark, as well as when it came to timing the speed pages loaded at. I saw delays and stutters in the Nexus 10’s interface that I never saw on the iPad.”

Segan reports, “Apple’s new iPad is quite simply the best 10in tablet out there. The iPad’s performance is head and shoulders above the competition, and it provides a premium screen and processor to match its premium price. The iPad’s expansive library of tablet-focused apps is also a big tick for the Apple tablet… The fourth-generation Apple iPad is the only product I have ever personally rated a full ten out of ten because it represents the tablet state of the art.””

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  1. Is the following possible?
    Say Apple ported OS X to Arm. The iPad could have two modes – iOS and OSX. iOS would be touch only. OS X would be mainly keyboard and mouse.

    1. OSX isn’t required for keyboard support and touch obviates any need for a mouse.

      In the future iPad mini may Airplay out its video to a Cinema Display and then turn itself into an iTrackPad

  2. How many magazines does this guy submit the same review to? First PC mag, now here… Who else have it a perfect score? Not that I disagree- MDN posts it like it’s a new review, however…

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