Analyst: Christmas 2012 shopping season will ‘belong to Apple’

“According to one analyst, this holiday season is going to be a good one for Apple,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Last week, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White sent a note to his clients saying that, ‘this holiday season will belong to Apple,’ because ‘the product line-up has never been stronger,'” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “There’s no doubt that Apple has worked hard to put its ducks in a row for this holiday season. Not only has the iPhone seen a very significant (albeit much anticipated) upgrade, but so has the iPad 4, the iPod touch, and the iMac range. And, then there’s the disruptive effect of the iPad mini, Apple’s latest addition to the iOS-powered line-up.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “According to a survey carried out by Nielsen, the wishlists of American kids aged 6-12 are packed with Apple products, with the iPad, iPod touch, iPad mini, and iPhone all in the top five.”

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  1. Next years Christmas may be even stronger, the Mac Pro and iMac will be out, along with revised versions of everything else. Apple TV, whatever it will be, should also push Apple even higher. I know that 2013 will be my tech year!

  2. Wondering where “Agent Provocateur” is right now. Haven’t seen his brilliant postings around here lately. Must be looking under a rock for that $400/share analysis of his. As that great philosopher from the lepus genus (Bugs Bunny) used to say . . . “What a maroon!”

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