That thing you do with Apple? Don’t do it

“The corporate, high-tech struggle to earn money and thrive means a campaign to drag us all into technological entanglements. But if we are too busy doing something that matters, and if we carefully pick and chose what to dabble in, we won’t be overwhelmed,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “There is something to be said for a sense of technical minimalism in one’s life. There are technologies all around us, and the exploration can be fun, but in the final analysis, when it comes to living one’s life, choices have to be made.”

“Minimalism, as I’m thinking about it, is the idea that there is good work to be done, and there is only a proper, considered subset of all the available technologies out there that are required to get any specific job done,” Martellaro writes. “Put another way, Apple provides a great number of features, facilities and services, but not every customer needs to engage in every one.”

Martellaro writes, “The art of choosing which technologies are essential to get something valuable done, whether it’s service, research, teaching, writing, medicine or governing is a delicate one. On one hand, we’re often enticed by the lure of interesting and exotic technologies that look like fun, but in the end, they don’t serve us very well for what we want to achieve… As Tony Blair once said, the art of leadership is saying No.”

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          1. …But loose ultimately.

            When the inflation rate runs into the double digits and your purchasing power collapses it destroys earnings, savings and investment values and those with the lowest earnings are the ones that are whacked the hardest.

            Argentina has done this 3-4 times in 100 years. Greece is doing it now. Interest rates jumped above 20% in the Carter era, but people less than 40-50 just don’t get it or care.

            Collapsing the economic system is going to decimate the personal wealth of everyone and that is what the US is on track to do.

            1. What’s with all the political crap? Last timed I looked, this was a Macintosh forum.

              But I’ll play: stop watching Fox “News”…it is making you addled.
              And ‘loose ?’
              LOL. (6th grade English. Didn’t make it that far???)

        1. Princess Tony is as self-centred as a gyroscope. His grandstanding and ass-licking with George Dubya got us into two utterly useless wars that we had no business being involved with. RC, go screw yourself, Bliar was a useless leader, only interested in making himself look important. Look at 7/7 in London; the blame for that can be laid at Blair’s door.

          1. Good timing with this thread – I was driving for a few hours in the Midwest today on a two lane road when I passed by a large nursery. In front were signs announcing their wares – Trees, Vines, Perennials, Shrubs. At the end was a sign that read No Bushes. Go figure.

    1. Soon as he quoted that F-ing war criminal I stopped reading.

      Peace envoy (or something like that) to the Middle East…….as ridiculous as giving a Nobel peace prize to a war criminal…..oh wait, they did that too.

  1. Funny. Everybody hanging labels on themselves and everyone else. Tools. All tools. Why not try believing what you believe and talking to each other like adults. Wanker this, and ‘tard that isn’t fixing anything. Both sides working hard to be less intelligent than the other will never make the situation better. Sad.

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