Judge forces Apple to turn over its settlement agreement with HTC to Samsung

“Earlier this month Samsung asked that the court force Apple to turn over its settlement agreement with HTC, and today US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal granted that request,” Bryan Bishop reports for The Verge.

“Apple’s attorneys had previously agreed to share a version of the agreement that redacted the financial terms of the settlement; in a hearing today Samsung argued that the fees HTC is paying Apple indicate how much consumer demand there is for those features covered by the patents,” Bishop reports. “While Judge Grewal did write that he was “more than a little skeptical” of Samsung’s argument, he nevertheless ordered Apple to turn over the document. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the details of the agreement will surface anytime soon, as it is being handed over subject to an ‘Attorneys-Eyes-Only’ designation — basically, nobody but Samsung’s legal team will get a look.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just because Apple was willing to enter into a licensing agreement with HTC doesn’t mean they have to enter into an agreement with Samsung – or, if they do, for the same royalty terms and/or patents as they did with HTC.

Perhaps Apple feels, as did the jury which granted Apple over $1 billion over Samsung’s repeated slavish copying of Apple innovations, that Samsung’s actions were/are especially egregious, that Samsung profited and continues to profit handsomely from Apple’s intellectual property, and that Samsung deserves to pay dearly, if for nothing else, so that they might think twice before firing up their photocopiers in the future.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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    1. You realize apple is just one of many tech companies embroiled in lawsuits, right? And they happen to have a really big game changer product they’re defending right? If anything they’re the most justified in suing, right? Just think through what you’re saying.

    2. Samdung, Google, Amazon win again, kick Google, Amazon out of the app store Tim Cook “WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING YOUR COMPETITION IN ANY WAY, EVEN IF IT COST 5 DOLLARS PER DEVICE GET RIT OF THEM, LET THEM SWIM ON THEIR OWN”

    1. Lol it’s not about stealing, it’s learning how to win. Samsung is playing dirty and Apple is trying to do the “right” thing by settling it in the courts. Ain’t gonna work because courts play dirty too. Read the history of Samsung. They know this game.

      Apple need to play like Larry Bird not Dr J

  1. Eventually, Dingdong will reap what they have sowed, right now, they are getting a good harvest on the most fertile ground, soon all their land will be burned and salted and they will wonder aloud, pounding their chests, “Apple ruined us through litigation rather than innovation”, and no one will care.

  2. This whole issue could be solved by simply allowing North Korea to overrun the south….and it would save the U.S. a ton of cash not having to protect them….but then again we would lose an arms buying client…it’ just so complicated… :=)

      1. At least with Mitt we know that he didn’t think that Islamic Sharia law was a good thing at any point in his life.

        You know where they stone women to death for adultery.

  3. “Samsung deserves to pay dearly, if for nothing else, so that they might think twice before firing up their photocopiers in the future.”

    I seriously doubt they will be deterred. Copying and stealing is engrained into their culture.

  4. I imagine that Apple was fully aware of this eventuality, and are therefore happy enough with the HTC terms that they would accept it from Samsung as well in a worst case scenario.

    I hope…

  5. Goooooooooooood Morning Americanistan!

    Apple needs to get with the program. It’s criminals roaming free now. Just look at the criminal gang that runs the US government.

    The press is under goverment control worst than during the Third Reich.

  6. The holidays must bring out the dumbest of the dumb here. Racist, ignorant, callous. It’s the trifecta. Add in the fact that there is the belief that Apple is unlike any other corporation and you get a perfect storm of stupidity.

    Nothing that the judge has asked for is any different than any other kind of litigation regarding patents.

    There is nothing wrong with the patent system. Apple does not have a patent on rounded corners.

    If the patents were FRAND, then yes, the terms of a patent agreement with another entity are legally within the rights of Samsung to view. We don’t know that. It wasn’t stated.

    The US has defended South Korea’s ability to destroy our economy at the expense of making sure we have a capitalist outpost in the East. First, it was general consumer electronics, then automobiles, now computer and communication technology.

    The cost to build these devices has nothing to do with the cost of US labor. It has everything to do with with making sure that South Korea remains vital to our interests in Southeast Asia.

    None of this has to do with Obama. All of the commentqsry here is racist gibberish. It also has nothing to do politics as you know them. The single biggest cause of the deficit here is the cost of our military actions playing cop to the world and protector of the Energy Companies stake in the Middle East.

    And Ubermac, you are a misinformed piece of shit. I have worked in the “media” for over 30 years and can tell you that the media is only held hostage by the necessity to sell advertising ands turn a profit.

    Grow up.

  7. These liberal judges seem to have no concept of trade secrets. They have routinely required Apple to reveal information to Samsung that is only tangentially associated with the case. Here, Samsung demanded to see the licensing agreements originally to see if any included the patents involved in the litigation where they had just been found infringing patents held by Apple. (Hint, they aren’t, they are Apple’s SEP and FRAND patents that HTC had previously been using without license.) The amount of license should be irrelevant to the suit.

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