Apple ‘iTV’ predicted to headline three major product launches in 2013

“Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray issued a note to investors on Tuesday, aimed at calming some concern on the part of investors over Apple’s next product cycle. He believes the next year will set the stage for bigger changes in Apple’s lineup,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Most notably, he expects Apple will launch a television set in time for the holiday 2013 shopping season. He expects the product to be priced between $1,500 and $2,000, with screen sizes between 42 and 55 inches.”

Hughes reports, “But before a television set, Munster expects Apple to hold an event around March of next year to launch a new radio service to compete with Pandora… Munster believes that any new service would be accompanied by a new product launch. He believes the most likely product update for early 2013 could be an iPad mini with a high-resolution Retina display…. As for the third major product launch event in 2013, Munster believes Apple will introduce its next iPhone around September. He expects a so-called ‘iPhone 5S’ that would be a ‘modest upgrade’ from the current iPhone 5, with a faster processor, more RAM and a better camera.”

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  1. Are we still believing Apple will market a full size TV instead of just an Apple TV sized connect box to add all of the relevant features to existing sets? I would like to buy a new bedroom TV NOW, not wait yet another year in anticipation of something that may not come around.

    1. I agree there is no money in it for Apple to enter the tv arena with slim margins and high competition. People will and have easily bought an iTV to hook up to their own tv.

    2. I agree with botvinnik. The likelihood of Apple producing an integrated HDTV set seems very low to me. SJ eliminated a wide range of ancillary products from its lineup in the 1990s – cameras, scanners, printers, etc. And Apple’s efforts at licensing/collaborating on more complex products have not historically been all that successful (e.g., Pippin).

      Fundamentally, an HDTV is a computer display with a tuner (although manufacturers have also been attempting to add some other functionality, such as integration with NetFlix, etc.). The AppleTV is much like a Mac mini – it contains the smarts for an attached display. That approach concentrates Apple’s value-added strengths into a cost-effective and marketable product that can work with any of the hundreds of millions of HDTVs that have already been sold, or will be sold in the future. Why should Apple compete in the low margin HDTV market with an integrated product when it can achieve much the same end result in a much more marketable AppleTV? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

      Of course, I don’t know what is going on inside Apple. It is possible that Apple has some revolutionary and outrageously great technology that will make current HDTVs obsolete going forward. In that case, all bets are off and I will freely admit my error.

  2. Every year, Munster and his Apple TV prediction. I think the inside scoop Gene is getting is someone at Apple just teasing him and laughing at him. But eventually, one year, we may just see an Apple television,… refrigerator,… toaster, maybe even an Apple designed George Foreman grill. Who knows.

    1. Rather than an automotive specific hardware device, I think Apple should partner with the auto manufacturers to make it easy to plug-in an iPad Mini on your dashboard. The auto companies could then develop “branded” apps for their cars. For example, you plug your iPad Mini into your BMW (or Ford or whatever) and start your BMW app. The app could provide “car” services (music, navigation, mileage, consumption, diagnostics, etc). Many cars including entry level cars provide some of these services today. Being able to brand an app should have appeal to the car companies.

      All this would take is for the car companies to provide a lightning adapter interface as a standard.

  3. The other shoe:
    When, if ever, does the new iTunes ship?
    Is it being gone over by Ive with a fine toothed comb or is Apple just dragging it’s feet?

    Artists Ship
    – Steve Jobs

  4. In 2006-07 I thought Munster was a real analyst and so believing his predication that Apple will launch a Apple HDTV, I didn’t upgrade my old tube TV for more than 2 years till thanksgiving 2008. I don’t understand why Munster still has a job at Piper Jaffray, he has been predicating Apple HDTV launch for almost 7 years now (one day it might even come true), he also said the Apple will launch touch screen iMac in 2009, 2010 and 2011, his wrong predication list is endless.

  5. Currently, 42″ TVs are averaging just under $600 for a decent screen. The average profit margin is 0% with most TVs sold as loss leaders during holiday shopping seasons. Where’s the profit imperative. Gene is FOS

    1. You could have said that about MP3 players in 2001, phones in 2007, and netbooks in 2010. You could have said that about PCs any time in the last 10 years.

      It’s exactly why I think Apple will find a way to take the commodity TV, and turn it into something new and profitable.

      If you want to figure out what Apple will launch, you only have to answer one question: what would you have to turn a TV into, in order to sell 100 million of them a year with a 40% margin?

  6. “priced between $1,500 and $2,000, with screen sizes between 42 and 55 inches.”

    Big name brand 42″ LED 1080i HDTV currently average about $600.00 depending on model, while 55” Smart LED 1080i HDTV currently average about $900.00.

    So Apple is going to release an Apple iTV set ranging from $1500-2000 a year from now when those others HDTVs will be cheaper with the same or more features? That Apple iTV will have to be one mother of a set.

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