Girl Scout will get iPad, voice back; fundraiser rallies community

“Teira Manfredda grasped grocery shoppers’ hands and sold cookies to a small crowd gathered around a table outside Ray’s Food Place in Valley West Shopping Center Saturday morning. ‘By tonight, she’ll have her voice back,’ said Tom Leydecker, Teira’s dad,” Luke Ramseth reports for The Times-Standard.

“The 11-year-old Girl Scout — born with a chromosome deletion that mimics autism — had her prized iPad stolen out of the back of her family’s car at Grocery Outlet in Eureka this week. The iPad had an application called Scene&Heard, which helped grow Teira’s vocabulary and allowed her to communicate with others,” Ramseth reports. “On Saturday Teira, her parents and one of her Girl Scout friends, Nichole Morris, stood outside Ray’s to raise funds for a new iPad for Teira.”

Ramseth reports ,”After just two hours, Teira’s parents Colleen and Tom Leydecker said they were overwhelmed with the support from passersby. ‘It’s been incredibly busy,’ Colleen Leydecker said. ‘I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would have this effect.’ Colleen Leydecker said she got a text message of support from a Wisconsin phone number. She noticed Saturday’s story in the Times-Standard about Teira had been picked up by”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mission accomplished.

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    1. But wouldn’t that have robbed the girl of dignity and self-reliance, reinforcing the handout mentality so prevalent in today’s liberal environment? And who would not expect that Apple and Tim Cook would be excoriated as crass opportunists out for cheap publicity?


    2. With sufficient time, Apple may have done something but they are a bureaucracy and it would take time for approval.

      Now the local dealer that stepped up is another story. The were willing to replace it at dealer cost.

    3. lets say Apple gives the kid an iPad… Great.

      but then Apple will surely be inundated by thousands of claims of needy people having lost iPads…

      does apple give them ALL, does Apple give to some and not others?

      I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE PRESS WILL FIND SOME OPPOURTUNITY TO WHACK APPLE LIKE FOR EXAMPLE : “Apple gives iPad to diabled hispanic kid but refuses to give one to a black kid with similar disability” etc etc.

      remember FOXCONN? practically everybody including HP , Msft, Dell, Nintendo etc builds at foxconn but ONLY apple was tarred and feathered. In the TWO of the last foxconn stories Apple was headlined but NEITHER of the two Foxconn factories with the isses built apple devices but rivals like Msft…

      APPLE WISELY GIVES TO CHARITY BY MATCHING EMPLOYEES DONATIONS. That way apple doesn’t have to deal with the POLITICAL ramifications of its charity donations: employees can donate to gay rights, pro life or whatever.

      1. Totally agree it raises moral when things are seeming to get back to normal rather than everyone sitting there feeling sorry for themselves and expecting others to do it out of some misplaced concept of mutual suffering, however much you feel like it. The thing is this family didn’t mope they proactively got out there to do something about it and rightly, like New York getting back to normal that is an admirable asset totally different to exploiting others misery and it should not be condemned as such.

  1. Well isn’t that just extra special. Now we can all go back to our regular practice of cutting off people in traffic and cheating on expense reports now that we’ve read a schmaltzy story about good-deed doers and feel good about ourselves now.

    1. Oh, ok. You think the world is a terrible place, so when you hear otherwise (like this positive story) you can somehow twist it into something bad — and reaffirm your miserable world view. Mission accomplished, no change of heart required (after all, that would mean effort). Therapy man! It can help.

    2. Sometimes traffic is bad on “the 5”. Other times traffic is not bad on the “5”. But I’m afraid you are always going to be a miserable human being Greg. You must be a lot of fun to be around.

  2. Here’s a thought: Don’t leave a friggin’ iPad laying on the car seat in full view of thieves. How long does it take for people to figure this out? Oh yeah, also don’t leave your doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition. How about not leaving babies and small children alone in locked vehicles? Another real brain twister! Sorry the little girl lost her iPad, but people need to use common sense in a society full of low lifes just waiting for these opportunities.

    1. The iPad in question was inside a backpack inside a locked vehicle.

      But your questions are certainly pertinent and apply to many other cases. I would add to your list. Avoid personalized licence plates and provocative bumper stickers. Leave nothing in view, not even a handkerchief or empty bag. Park close to the store entrance, unobscured by another vehicle. And above all, refrain from shopping at discount stores like the Grocery Outlet. They’re magnets for low lifers.

      1. “Avoid personalized licence plates and provocative bumper stickers.”

        Yeah, I guess my “RCHNFMS” vanity plates and my “LET ‘EM EAT CAKE” bumper sticker may not be a wise choice. Thanks for the advise.

    2. ” Here’s a thought: Don’t leave a friggin’ iPad laying on the car seat in full view of thieves.”

      It wasn’t visible it was in a backpack.

      Yes – people need to be responsible for themselves.

      But this blaming the victims is crazy & needs to stop. This girl did *nothing* wrong.

      I’m so glad that nothing bad has ever happened to you – because apparently you’re perfect. Good for you.

  3. Parading the little girl for sympathy appears to be quite effective for eliciting donations. Too bad that otherwise normal children will have to do without their own iPads because they lack a serious medical condition.

    1. Because none of their parents/guardians/friends will ever be willing to spend the money needed to get an iPad/whatever for them, unlike Teira’s.

      What color is the sky on your planet, exactly?

      1. That’s right. Only parents of children with serious medical problems will buy their children iPads. May all parents be so fortunate to know the joy of giving because their children are born disabled.

    2. I saw an article about a little girl who earned an iPad, got it stolen. Went back out and sold more cookies so she could replace her iPad! I didn’t see any parading or sympathy drives; I saw a kid that over came adversity with hard work (who, by the way happens to be handicapped).

  4. Here you go again you blody nazis. You have unspeakable “patriotic” thinking that you can “select” people. I did not go to army because I had to.. I went to army because I could. I am the sergeant who protects not the children nor the women, but those who really can’t protect them selfs. Those parts of our democracy who depend my protection! And I will do anything for that!

    1. We are not a Democracy. We are a Republic. A Democracy is evil.

      Democracy: A government of the masses.
      Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct” expression.
      Results in mobocracy.
      Attitude toward property is communistic — negating property rights.
      Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences.
      Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.

      Not my definition. This was the Federal Government’s definition. See War Department Training Manual on “Citizenship” TM2000-25, para 120.

      Given the definition, one could certainly argue Democracy is clearly alive and well in America!

  5. And that had all the typos necessary. When you are patriotic for your country. You give your life for everybody because you love the diversity and all of them. You DO NOT SELECT.Only Nazis like Romney and Bush do. USA is killing people and all the time killing democracy at the same time.

  6. Lets make this crystal clear. I am not in the army (our) because of you! I am there to protect this girl (in our society). I am strong and powerful. Democracy needs people like me to protect those who can’t protect themselves. I give protection with my life for her! I am there and you can trust me. If she needs an iPad I will find my ways (our society).

  7. OK! Let’s make more typos! I protect the AAPL at the moment wit 11000 Liberal. Can you do it? Or do you give up to holes like Bush and Romney? At this moment you should buy large. Lets get these pastards out the company and tha is all of those silly unpatriotic and fauldemocratic un scientific useless warmongering idiots.

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