Analyst: Apple roaring back with new iPhone, iPads

“Apple’s dropping stock price may have plunged the tech giant’s market capitalization below $500 billion for the first time in months, but one financial analyst believes new iPhones and iPads will have sales roaring back in time for the holidays and into 2013,” Damon Poeter reports for PC Magazine.

“The release of the iPhone 5 and two new iPads will help Apple beat revenue projections in the last three months of 2012, according to Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, who sent a note to investors Friday,” Poeter reports. “What’s more, Apple could be looking at lower prices from suppliers of components for its iDevices, according to Huberty.”

Poeter reports, “The Morgan Stanley analyst said key Apple suppliers were talking up higher-than-anticipated revenue to their own investors, indicating that Apple’s sales could come in better than expected as well, and those suppliers are also ‘seeing above-average orders from Apple for next year’s first quarter.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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  2. “…new iPhones and iPads will have sales roaring back in time for the holidays…”

    That implies its Apple’s sales that are responsible for the dropping share price. Not at all.

    Good holiday sales numbers for iPhone 5 and iPad mini will move the share price up by sheer force. People will look at the resulting ultra-ridiculously low P/E ratio and realize it must return to the present stupidly-ridiculously low P/E ratio.

    But make no mistake, the share price drop was not sales related.

    1. Exactly. When the market in general slumps, the hedge funds sell of from their Apple piggy bank to offset their other losses. To them, Apple is a giant safe piggy bank, an insurance against other trades. Small investors can take advantage of this to reap tidy profits,.

    1. If the stock goes that low, people would get nervous. A lot of automatic stop-losses would happen and the only way it would collapse like that is if it went with the market… much like in 2008, when I bought in at just over $100

    2. Being LOW isnt good , being high isnt bad.

      The value of the share is most important. U think it is worth , even AAPL is at 1000, it is worth.

      If AAPL were 400, it would drop more and u still lose.

  3. Finally got the iPad mini on Friday. Couldn’t find the Wi-Fi only version anywhere so I got the white 32GB Verizon cellular version since that feature would come in handy during my travels anyway. I have friends who still can’t find the iPhone 5 anywhere and are now resigned to just order online and wait 2~3 weeks. This will be the mother of all quarters for Apple – $60 billion+ in revenues and a new record corporate record for profits in a quarter. Apple just can’t make the goods fast enough.

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