Terranova: At these prices, Apple stock is a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity

Like the S&P back in 2009, top trader Joe Terranova says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy Apple.

I bought it at $240. I think Apple is experiencing a March 2009 moment; what that means is it’s a generational buy.

I am all in on Apple.

It think what’s driving it lower here is margin calls, short term thinking… Longer term, this is the buy. – Joe Terranova

Watch the video here.


  1. It may be a lifetime buying opportunity, but they’ve been saying that since Apple was at $695. Why not at $500 or $450? Weren’t there some rockets fired into Israel? An attack on Jerusalem could wreck havoc with Apple sales or supply chain.

  2. Apple has grown yet the stock is being hammered for what some think is slowing growth but actually the peak has not hit …..

    By this time next year Apple will have 20% Market Share in Desktop PC and that share will grow to 30% the following year …..

    Windows 8 and the Halo Effect will be driving factors!

  3. “Generational buy?” Lol When the guys saysy he paid half as much two years ago? Lmao What are we? Guppies?

    It is an opportune time to buy. Apple certainly will go higher, but if you want to quadruple your money, those days are over.

  4. Annnnnnd, the short-seller guys on the 5pm CNBC show – plus bond guy Jeff Gundlach – say there may be a short-term pop of as much as $50 but they are of the “Apple As A Company is Dead” camp and are not long term holders of the stock. Silly doofuses.

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