Samsung: Unlike HTC, we won’t settle with Apple

“Samsung Electronics Co. does not intend to hold talks with Apple Inc. to reach an agreement on their ongoing patent tussle, its mobile business chief said Wednesday, raising views the company will rely on legal means rather than settling the issue out of court,” Yonhap News reports.

“‘It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don’t intend to (negotiate) at all,’ Shin Jong-kyun, who heads the South Korean tech giant’s mobile and IT division, told reporters,” Yonhap reports. “While the terms of the settlement were undisclosed, market watchers speculate HTC will pay between $6 to $8 per phone, which would amount to $180 million to $280 million a year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Trying to save face when it’s beyond saving is pitiful, Samsung.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. Al Capone: “I do not intend to hold talks with the IRS to reach an agreement on my ongoing tax evasion tussle.” Every thief gets caught sooner or later. Samscum, you’re due.

    1. Quote: “I do not intend to hold talks with the IRS to reach an agreement on my ongoing tax evasion tussle.” Every thief gets caught sooner or later. Samscum, you’re due.”

      So True, and everyone can look forward to that day. 🙂

  2. Samdung already lost approx $3000 of my business. Anyone with morals and a correct ethical compass should not buy from Samdung. If even a million people are aware of this and act responsibly (i.e. don’t buy stolen goods) that’s a $3billion hit to Samdung revenues.

    1. Agreed, and I’ve done my part as well. I was previously a huge fan of Samsung televisions. I just replaced the television in the media room, and Samsung was not even considered this time.

      I will never purchase another Samsung branded product again, and look forward to the day when my future Apple purchases will no longer contain any Samsung components.

      1. Were looking to buy a large LED LCD tv soon to replace the current SamDung model we have, and you can be assured that we will not be using that brand again. No more Samdung products, no microwaves, tv’s, phones or the countless other crap they make will ever be considered if it has the Samdung label on the OUTSIDE.

    2. Before this whole settlement deal became news… i been telling people to get away from the Galaxy line and go for the HTC one X, etc… Of course, these were people who refuse to get an iPhone…

      Main reason is build quality… not iPhone quality… but yet, not cheap plastic either…

      My next TV (if i even bother), will be an LG or Vizio…

  3. “We won’t settle with Apple. We want to get our faces slapped and our asses kicked in court instead!”
    “Why do we have to take responsibility for any of our actions?”
    “We have a new meaning for the phrase “Yes, we can!””
    – – –
    Q: IS there a real difference between North and South Korea?

  4. I have a nice Samsung Refrigerator/Freezer in my kitchen. Used to have a nice Samsung HDTV and have a Samsung monitor for a Mac mini in the house. That was all before Samsung decided to systemically rip off a business partner- namely Apple.

    I hope you morons/thieves/bozos enjoy your temporary ill gotten gains. As an Apple shareholder and longtime user, please note I do not plan on buying anything else from SameSong. I’d lick a toilet bowl first.

  5. Thes buffoons think they’re across the table from North Korea in Panmunjom. This could well go on for years. Someone needs to get the State Department involved to read these convicted infringers the riot act.

  6. How can we start from this site a boycott Samsung campaign. What would be the top 3 reasons you would tell someone or put on your bumper sticker ?
    It may be time to go into the next phrase of Thermo Nuke War…. Any thoughts?

  7. Ditto with all of the above. I will never buy anything from Samsung again. Their products have not only cheapened, but in my mind, all these trials has shown their true characters. And for that reason, I can no longer buy from a company that is morally bad company, who refuses to admit wrong, and is only interested in saving face and selling crap to customers. Goodbye Samsung.

  8. Don’t fault Samsung for its legal stance. It’s doing what any smart company does when it correctly sees a broken legal system with clueless judges as its license to steal.

    I am talking about the nutcake judge in the UK, the sushi judge in Japan, and the kimchi judge in California, not to mention Posner the psychotic judge, among them the kimchi judge is Samsung’s trump card.

    Samsung is counting on Koh to annul most if not all jury findings and rewards, and it’s more than likely Koh is going to deliver them with a bow tie to Samsung based on her actions to date.

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