SugarSync 2.0 beta takes on Dropbox with modern design and iDisk-like virtual drive

“Cloud storage and file-syncing service SugarSync today announced the launch of SugarSync 2.0 in public beta, a big step forward in its battle against Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive,” Ellis Hamburger reports for The Verge.

“SugarSync has always been a feature-rich app, but 2.0 is a leap forward in a key area where it’s always been lacking: accessible design,” Hamburger reports. “‘We got feedback that SugarSync was the most powerful [syncing solution], but not that it was the easiest to use,’ CEO Laura Yecies told The Verge, so the company focused largely on designing a simple desktop app for the last year and a half… Aside from a minimalist and centralized new design, the app’s best new feature is SugarSync Drive — a virtual drive mounted on your computer that lets you access every file stored in SugarSync.”

Hamburger reports, “SugarSync’s desktop app is finally simple enough for the average person to understand, but to beat Dropbox, it’ll have to have all three pieces of the puzzle: simple and accessible design, a thorough understanding of syncing files, and integration with its users’ favorite apps.”

Much more in the full article, including screenshots, here.


  1. can’t find my answer in this article. anyone know?
    there’s quite a few cloud backup services out there, besides DropBox.
    what beats me is the logic of them all.
    especially when SugarSync2 claims to be so modern when it is not.
    here’s the big problem with all the services, lest i’m mistaken with SugarSync2 now.
    if i am not mistaking, then this is it:
    as with overhyped DropBox,
    though there’s a locally mounted drive on the Mac/PC,
    it’s useless.
    impractical, since it is forced on you. this means DropBox chooses the name + location of that drive.
    you have no choice.
    and stupidly it’s on the internal HD.
    but practically it should be on an external drive or extra internal drive.
    for 2 reasons:
    1. you do not want to fill up your OS/app/Docs drive.
    2. your backup drive should be on a separate drive, since it is for backup! and for safety. and for more space etc.
    3. and what if that cloud app screws up your essential drive you have everything on!
    i’m flabbergasted as to why cloud services through the bank, with all their brains & might are engineered to be that impractical!?!
    hopefully SugarSynce 1 and/or 2 has a custom local drive folder, does it?!

    1. @rolf,
      I believe Sugar Sync has a lot of the flexibility you’re describing. Our company is thinking of adopting it, and I know the folks evaluating it think Dropbox is not sophisticated enough. I suggest you check it out and not simply assume it has the same limitations.

      1. thank Karen for your time, but since you work for SugarSync, why not be clearer.
        i did not assume, i asked the question whether SS has a custommade choice for a local folder and if it can be on an external drive but you did not answer that, since you said “i believe” instead of i know, you were more concerned in teaching me a lesson

    2. Dropbox does let you choose where it syncs to / from (one of the options when installing and setting-up); you can also change the location at any time by via Dropbox [menu bar icon] > Preferences… Advanced > Dropbox location

      1. thanks ahcas,
        but when i checked and gave up on DB months ago, i did go to your suggested Advanced loc, yet it only allowed to choose a local drop off folder on the internal HD, not an external drive and certainly not multiple external drives.

        correct me if i’m wrong or if it’s possible now

        i fear to re-install DB to find out now, since i had and it’s confirmed by bloggers/forums that DB changes the Finder despite them claiming it does not, and funky errors in the Finder happen such as disappearing icons, odd window behavior etc

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