Apple begins iPhone 5S, next-gen iPad, Apple ‘iTV’ pre-production for early 2013, sources say

“Apple is up to something. This morning reports emanating from the much-maligned but sometimes accurate Digitimes claim the company is beginning trial production of the next-generation iPhone, called for the sake of it, the iPhone 5S,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

Digitimes also speculates Apple will introduce a new model iPad in Q2: ‘While the speculated iPhone 5S is expected to enter volume production in the first quarter of 2013, Apple is also likely to release a new version of iPad a quarter later than the iPhone 5S, since the display resolution of its latest version of iPad has come out lower than expected, the paper added,'” Evans reports. “And there’s more: Apple’s long-awaited Apple television device is also on track for introduction in the first half of next year the report claims.”

Evans writes, “Digitimes reckons the iPhone 5S could enter volume production in the first quarter of 2013. However, I recall a seven month gap between initial claims of the iPhone 5 entering production and its eventual appearance, so I’m speculating a June/July introduction on strength of the title’s claims.”

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  1. “This morning reports emanating from the much-maligned but sometimes accurate Digitimes…”

    When was the last time Digitimes was 100% accurate about anything (except after the fact)? In fact I cannot remember the last time Digitimes was accurate about *anything* this far in advance. Vague prognostications don’t count. Claiming an Apple will do a new iPhone and new iPad in 2013 is not news. The true shocker would be if Apple *didn’t” do a new iPhone or a new iPad in 2013.

    Suggestion: Don’t take anything Digitimes says with a grain of salt. Take whatever Digitimes says with a 100 pound block of salt!

    1. While the accuracy of Digitimes is questionable at best, the maligning of it has to do with the direction of its rumors, and thus the likely sources of them. Somehow the new product rumors almost always emerge at a time when consumers are making decisions about whether to buy the current generation of products. Moreover, those new product rumors always seem to involve unexpectedly early releases.

  2. They’re done with once a year updates. They’ve said as much. Things will be rolling out of Apple as soon as they’re ready from now on, including iPhones and iPads…

    This rumor isn’t surprising at all.

      1. I’m so sick.of my tv experience. Changing inputs through crappy on screen controls, the horrific experience of navigating the “guide”. The only good thing about it all is the screen and the content.

        Therefore, apple allows me to keep the screen and content and fixes the navigation and content acquisition problem.

        That’s it.

  3. How about a new Mac Pro?

    Come on guys! It can’t be that hard to bring together the latest technology and put it into a smaller box and sell it for the same price.

    Get off your lazy butts on this item and provide your power users with a nice offering. It’s embarrassing how long you have diddled around on the Mac Pro.

    Yes, it is a small niche market but it can be an important one for the type of user interested in a Mac Pro.

  4. Whether Digitimes is reliable or not is irrelevant, here’s what will happen when Apple releases the next iPhone:

    – Presales run out of stock in 5 minutes
    – Average wait time is 5-6 weeks
    – Cook says demand is incredible and Apple is working hard to bring it to everyone who wants it
    – Terry Gou says the new iPhone is very very hard to assemble
    – Paid bloggers and analysts rise up to defend Cook (the so-called supply chain genius) and pound the table urging investors to buy the battered stock
    – Apple earnings miss again blamed on iPhone supply shortages
    – Stock tanks 20%+
    – The saga continues

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