Walmart employees fired after throwing and dropping Apple iPads (with video)

“Four not-so-intelligent Walmart employees from Pikeville, Kentucky will be searching for new jobs tomorrow after they filmed themselves inside a Walmart stockroom, tossing boxed up Apple iPads at each other,” PadGadget reports.

“The video, which was clearly not meant for the Internet, was sent by an anonymous employee of the Walmart to a Reddit user,” PadGadget reports, “and according to follow up comments, the employees have since been fired and prosecuted.”

WARNING: Language used in video below NSFW (depending on where you work)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We hereby nominate “not-so-intelligent Walmart employees” for Redundancy of the Week.


  1. Well this at least explains why, when I ordered through Walmart online a medical shower chair, I was shipped a three speed rotating fan instead! (even though the paperwork was correct)

    Bubba needs to go back saying, ‘You want fries with that?’

    1. Walmart Jobs? Who wants’em? Should be renamed “People’s Mart”. 90% of everything in there is made in a communist country – PRC or Vietnam. I refuse to shop there.

  2. You treat your employees like crap and — guess what? — the employees return the favor. Not surprising something like this happens at Walmart. It’s a soul-crushing company.

  3. I wonder if Apple will terminate it’s deal with Walmart. 🙂 Although I do not want to put down Walmart shoppers, I have to wonder whether Apple products are good fit for “Walmart-type” shoppers or even Walmart employees.

  4. Howcthick can some people be.

    Typical redneck inbreds. Thick as shit.

    They deserve unemployment. With hardly any jobs around these days there’s far better more deserving people that would have loved those jobs, and now they have a chance of replacing these losers.

    Good luck in finding another job, because with that video on the web your careers are totally finished.

    Sad losers.

  5. Strangely difficult to watch, though my question would be why they would film themselves doing it (without at least pixilating their faces or something) AND post it on YouTube.

    Thinning the herd (in terms of employment), I guess.

    1. Stupid is as stupid does. These mentally disabled minimum wagers don’t know no better. Hardy har.

      Yes indeed, this is one reason why I have never bought ‘shit’ at Walmart, and never will. Hillbillies as fodder for China et al.

  6. It’s that usual ancient adage at work again:

    When you only pay minimum wage, you only get minimal brain quality employees.

    My record of never having bought ‘shit’ at Walmart remains. I continue to be pleased with my intelligent discernment of where to buy ‘shit’.

  7. Reckless and clearly with “I don’t care” attitudes. But please don’t make the mistake of judging everyone who works for Walmart or lives in Kentucky by the actions of these few.

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