Review: Apple’s iPad (4th gen.) is faster, stronger, better

“The release of the fourth-generation iPad so soon after the third-generation iPad may have come as a surprise to even diehard Apple watchers, but the device itself won’t,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld. “By now, we all know what an iPad looks like, and the fourth-generation iPad looks nearly identical to a third-generation iPad—which itself looked more or less like the second-generation iPad.”

“That’s not to say that the fourth-generation iPad isn’t an impressive beast; it’s just that those changes are almost entirely on the device’s interior,” Moren reports. “This is unquestionably Apple’s most powerful iPad to date, and it handles pretty much anything you can throw at it with aplomb.”

Moren reports, “If the new iPad mini is a MacBook Air, as my colleague Dan Frakes alleges, then the fourth-generation iPad is the big iron of a MacBook Pro… Simply put, the fourth-generation iPad is a case of Apple putting its best iPad forward.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. I’m quite surprised, I thought for sure that Apple’s latest iPad would be slower, weaker, and worse than ever before… Man i’m in total shock

    1. I feel your pain. I’ve been waiting for an iMac that is 3 steps down from the current offering and comes damaged from careless handling during shipment… and has a built in cigarette lighter.

      1. I would never buy a computer with a cigarette lighter… The ONLY way Apple is ever getting my money is when they start building cup holders into their computers, especially the iPad. You know how hard it is to use a full sized iPad and hold a cup of coffee.

        Sheesh, what is Apple thinking?

        1. My first gen iPad DOES serve as an excellent cutting board, so Apple did get that right. I haven’t tested with my 3rd gen yet, so the jury is still out on that one.

          That is one thing I don’t like about the iPad mini – Apple shouldn’t have overlooked this feature when they designed it.

  2. I don’t begrudge Apple for releasing a newer, faster iPad with a better Lightening connector so soon after I bought my iPad3, but would it have killed them to offer us a complimentary adapter to mitigate our pain?

  3. Yeah but will Apple ditch support of it in 20 months like they did to 15 million 1st gen iPad owners like myself. Not sure I’ll buy another iPad after that slap in the face !

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