T-Mobile USA expands HSPA+ network in direct bid for iPhone customers

“T-Mobile on Wednesday announced that it had activated 4G HSPA+ data networks in three new metropolitan areas, taking direct aim at Apple’s U.S. carrier partners by noting customers with unlocked iPhones can enjoy quick data speeds an pay less by switching providers,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“The announcement was posted on the fourth-largest U.S. carrier’s blog by Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray, who said the iPhone-compatible HSPA+ service on the 1900 MHz band was being rolled out in parts of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Houston,” Campbell reports. “Currently, T-Mobile does not officially carry the iPhone and can only support unlocked versions of the handset.”

Campbell reports, “Ray said the additions were part of T-Mobile’s $4 billion plan to bring its existing data network up to 4G speeds, which means installing new equipment and ‘retuning [its] 4G airwaves to work with more devices.’ The move is seen as a direct bid to make the carrier’s services more attractive to iPhone users.”

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