Jim Cramer recommends Apple (AAPL) – a strong buy

“Jim Cramer has been the host of Mad Money on CNBC since 2005. Nearly 250,000 people watch his show daily on TV. In our recent study, we have shown that Cramer’s favorite picks are extremely successful,” DividendInvestr reports via Seeking Alpha. “Among 122 stocks that were recommended on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money during the last 30 days, we have compiled his strong buy recommendations based on number of days the stocks were recommended. We have obtained 10-Year Summary data from Morningstar and all other market data from Finviz.”

“Apple sells electronic and mobility products, and software. AAPL recently traded at $576,8 and gained 44% during the past 12 months. Its top-selling products include iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac,” DividendInvestr reports. “These have seen explosive growth over the past several years, which has boosted the company’s EPS growth to as much as 65% per year over the past five years.”

“High EPS growth rate is projected to be sustained in the future at 21% per year for the next five years. Apple will start paying a quarterly dividend this quarter. At current prices, the annualized dividend will yield 1.9% on a payout ratio of 26%,” DividendInvestr reports. “he stock has a market cap of $540.7 billion, P/E ratio of 13.1 and Total Debt/Equity ratio of 0… Billionaires David Einhorn, Stephen Mandel, and Jim Simons are also fans of the stock.”

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            1. So I take you agree Cramer’s prediction was incorrect. Even the 50.1% of the vote is not even close to the predicted 55%.

              If that had been a quarterly report, a miss by that much would have sent CramerCo plummeting.

      1. neither of them are going to be correct.
        read the internals of the polls, all but a few heavily bias D. +12 in some cases.

        I agree with Dick Morris. Romney, over 315. (BTW, he was accurate in 08, and 10. and more are agreeing with him, Barone etc.)

        Cramer is an idiot, stocks and politics.

            1. it happens.
              MDN acts weird some days..

              and remember, JC said in his 2010 election predictions, O would gain MORE seats…. umm… proven wrong then.
              he needs to stick to stocks only.

    1. I suppose it could happen.

      Bloody unlikely though isn’t it? 330 or thereabouts with just over 50% overall is my prediction.

      And there will be no President Romney and Vice-President Ryan. Get used to it. 😉

            1. how do you say that?

              59-35% Romney with Independents.
              Dem pollsters use D+6-11 point margins, and claim the race is tied…
              O shows up at a rally, 2800 people
              Romney shows up at a rally, 30k for one 35k another..

              All but 1 paper that endorsed O in 08, switched to Romney. (Dem owned papers that have NEVER endorsed a R before..)

              Springsteen rallies with 80k in 2004… 18k yesterday. (Both Dem rallies)

              CBS releases MORE footage of O lying about Benghazi. Proving Romney right, again..

              500 Retired Generals, and countless former Special forces continually blast O and support Romney.

              Get used to it, after the past 4 years we needed some RnR. and we are about to get it.

      1. I notice that Mr 2010-12 has disappeared from MDN. Unless the Windoze powered eVoting machines are used to steal it, Willard RobbedMe’s quest for the White House is over.

        Tell Karl Rove his Billion + of corporate money and voter suppression didn’t work.

        1. no he’s still here, saw a post from him yesterday. (can’t think which thread.)
          he posts in sporadically, just like me lol. here for a day or two, then too busy to read anything here for a few days.

  1. AAPL was, is and will always be in my self managed 401k 🙂
    Because of Zero debt, continued strong revenue growth for years and it looks great still, global expansion of market and share. Lastly, new products are always coming out each year and selling!!! 🙂

    iBuy AAPL 🙂

      1. Ignore Gupta, he is our resident ignoramus. Fecal material spews from his mouth and piles up all around. We all follow him around with a shovel!

  2. Using “explosive”to describe to describe Apple’s growth in recent years seems inadequate. It has been several orders of magnitude greater than that. “Supernoval” is a neologism, but approaches a more accurate description of Apple’s unique growth trajectory.

  3. Buy your AAPL shares by Wednesday this week and you’ll get an extra $2.65 per share. That’s going to be an instant 1.9% return. Very Nice then use your Dividend check to buy yourself a nice new iPhone5 and iPad mini for Xmas

  4. Cramer is the epitome of what is wrong with Wall Street. This recent ‘revelation’ that AAPL is a buy is all part of his pump and sell. He should disclose short and long positions on all the stocks he singles out.

      1. I am not defending Cramer because I don’t know that he should be defended. But in all fairness he has recommended Apple forever. And when it reached its all time high he did tell you to take profit. I believe his expression is “bulls make money, bears make money, hogs get slaughtered”! So he has constantly recommended Apple and has told you to take profit when it is so far ahead. I’m not sure what else he could do? That is hardly a “pump and dump” routine! He recommends the stock in particular at these prices. My thought is that as is so often the case on the site, fanboys or frustrated AAPL investors are bitching up a storm just because they’re pissed! It’s quite obvious that the complainers haven’t watched Jim Cramer. Again, I’m not defending him because there is no need. He hasn’t manipulated AAPL, quite the opposite in fact. I watch his show to pick up what tidbits of market information that I can. I don’t follow him. I make up my own mind. And I did sell when Apple was at its peak. Perhaps that’s why I’m not pissed off and blaming others for my losses. Just saying.

        1. You are entitled to your opinion of course. Glad you did ok with AAPL. Cramer is well known for short selling and ‘trading tactics’ in his previous life as a hedge fund manager – I don’t believe a zebra changes its’ stripes. If he disclosed short and long positions on the stocks he singles out, I could assess his advice.

      1. Here’s the deal, I believe, with Cramer most of his viewers are investor newbies and listen to him. I think he could initially boost up the stock but then it may crash shortly after. Agree?

        1. I don’t think Cramer’s recommendation will have any effect on the stock price. It may get a boost from initial ipad mini sales but the stock will languish until mid December when it will begin its pre -1st quarter move to $800

        1. Ever lived in a glass house, Gupta? Oh, I forgot, you live in a cesspool. Maybe you should stay in there, instead of allowing all the fecal material to spew from your mouth. Just a good suggestion!

      1. OK. I had read that he was calling for sells in early October. If he is positive on AAPL, fine – as long as he discloses his personal positions. Does he?

        1. PS. I do not mean his charitable trust fund. I mean his personal positions including institutionally managed assets and private equity investments?… He used to be a hedge fund manager. Does he makes AAPL stock volatile for gain?

            1. Now tell me troll Gupta, why should anyone ever trust you. All you do is continue to spew fecal material from your mouth! Return to your cesspool.

  5. Artist writes: Just last week he was screaming sale sale, sale.”

    Do you mean “sale” or “sell”? Huge difference in meaning. One means “buy as much as you can” and the other means “get rid of your holding now!” Which do you mean?

  6. Well, now is the time to buy it cheap. But I’m still not sure about Tim Cook. I think I’ll wait a whie to see if he is capable of way Jobs has done. Then I can be confident in an investment.

    1. None of that matters. Its all about earnings growth which Apple has in spades even in their so called “miss” this quarter. Apple is a tremendous buy right now. The first quarter will be an epic blowout.

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