First-ever iPad mini installed into car’s dashboard (with video)

“The iPad mini was only available to buy yesterday but it has already found its way into a car dashboard,” Chris Oldroyd reports for iMore.

“The guys from Soundwaves in Tampa, Florida were really on the ball with this one by pre-fabricating the necessary dashboard mods all ready for the iPad mini’s launch,” Oldroyd reports.

Oldroyd reports, “The iPad mini is fully removable too so no need to worry about leaving it behind when you leave your car.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Too bad Apple doesn’t make a specific iOS powered Automotive iPad mini…..yet. I’ve been ready for one for quite a while now & the mini’s smaller form factor might be the ticket. I’d wait for a retina display first & hopefully this could replace my factory in dash stereo. 🙂 It’s ok but the car is still under factory warranty for 2 more years so by then maybe there’ll be aftermarket kits for my 2012 Challenger R/T to make the process eh, less garish and with a more factory look. 😉 I let my satellite radio subscription lapse since the free 12 months expired at the end of last month & I don’t miss it at all! I used my iPhone for most of my audio anyway!

    1. I ordered SiriusXM on my new Honda and I rarely use anything else. Don’t keep much music on my iPhone and don’t use my iPod any more. I do put my eMusic downloads on a USB thumb drive which integrates with my stereo, but after one listen I’m back to satellite. Love the sound quality and dependability.

        1. My comment wasn’t really meant for 25 year olds like yourself with no job and still living with your parents. Or did you manage to get that position at the local Subway?

  2. Interesting install, but where is the logic in having access to Facebook, etcetera by the driver while so many states are going crazy over texting and talking on cell phones while driving?

  3. Yes….please tell me where to enter my credit card!
    Plus, If we can work out a way for for my car-based ipad to update and sync podcasts, email, music While parked in my my garage (in range of my home network) overnight that would be sweet!

  4. What a stupid dangerous idea. Facebook while driving? Status update – In a ditch, call 911. Well, he hasn’t had time to load video video and hopefully he never does. Time to get off the iPad and drive buddy.

  5. I would use it for Apples turn by turn navigation. Ouse that on my iPhone 5 all the time. I ask Siri to “navigate to” wherever and 98% of the time Siri gets it right.

    I don’t get the anti-Siri and anti-Apple Maps issue some people have I couldn’t care less about the 3D. It’s a gimmick. What I love are the very clear directions and clean maps.

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