How Jony Ive will make checking the weather on your iPhone a religious experience

“So now Scott Forstall is gone and his job has really been divvied up between Jony Ive for Human Interface, Craig Federighi for Software, and Eddy Cue for Siri and Maps,” Eric Jackson writes for Forbes. “It’s more responsibility for all three men, but I’m most intrigued with what Ive will do with ‘Human Interface.'”

“It is the design aspects of Apple’s products which stand out the most when we first think of the product line-up,” Jackson writes. “Design – and I think human interface as well – is the place where you have a religious moment with a product.”

Jackson writes, “It’s too bad Forstall couldn’t play nice with the other execs at Apple. But, if Tim Cook had to make a choice between keeping Forstall or Ive (and others like the formerly retired Mansfield), he made the right call. For Ive, the idea of taking on human interface, beyond hardware, must be incredibly exciting creatively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim any Cook’s in the kitchen no more: Ive’s Jobs will lead Apple to new heights as Scott couldn’t Forstall the inevitable. Cook Cues Eddy to take over Siri and Maps, Phil remains the top Schiller, and just one glance at Apple leadership shows tech in Cupertino is still very much a Mansfield.


      1. Attributing the sexual makeup of a management team to Republicans is beyond stupid, and shows the poster more interested in “makeup” than “results”. Yeah, that’s an intelligent business philosophy.

        Just curious, in your native tongue, do you spell “Truth” “Pravda”.

      2. Quotas are dumb and having someone in there just for the sake of appearance or appeasement is folly. If a particular woman is the best pick for the job, then yes, hire her. If not, don’t go searching high and low for the closest, next best thing just so you can turn and say, “Look, we’re a modern company. We’ll even hire women.” Affirmative action is ignorant and perhaps evil, since it puts an asterisk next to the person’s name, with everyone questioning whether said person was hired on the basis of actual qualifications or as a token hire for good PR,

  1. Tim Cook needs to stick with production. Just keep the others from arguing amongst themselves. Oh wait, Scott is gone. Okay, things should flow smoothly if Tim can do his job properly. Supply, supply, supply.

  2. MDM take, so punny, I’m going to throw-up.

    Look, setting up Ive to be “godly” is good for Apple, like anointing the next Apple monarch, touched by Jobs.

    However we should not put expectations on products before they are released to the public. As consumers, we always end up disappointed, because the next guy assumes we are getting “Laser Keyboards” and “Holographic Images”

    Please don’t set us up by putting unfounded expectations so high as to be utter failures before they could even be possible.

  3. My question is who gave the final approval for Maps ?

    Was it Forstall or Cook?
    Who is the CEO ?
    It is good that Cook finally realise that he is not capable bit a visionary , but if he fired Scott for His decision that just make like Bush !!

    1. I’ve never read that Cook had to have a vision for the future. He is a perfect CEO for Apple to reach new heights and make Apple a trillion dollar company. His mastery of supply chain is what Apple needs and his understanding off this is second to none.

      Scott reminds me of young SJ. When/if he leaves I hope he does his own thing. It’s the only way he can push his vision for the future without worrying about the feelings of others.

      What does Bush have to do with this???

  4. Fun MDN take, but seriously hasn’t anyone seen the parallel here?

    Jobs ousted from Apple 1985, Jobs returns and saves Apple 1996.

    Forestall ousted from Apple 2012, Forestall returns and saves Apple 2023?

    History tends to repeat itself.

  5. The direction that the App Store designs have been going in is BAD for Apple, and I suspect Forstall was largely behind that. There was a serious breach of adhering to Apple’s high standards for Human (User) Interface design. I’m very disappointed with both iterations of the Mac and iOS App Store “Updates” section. They are not Apple-like at all. Small fonts, tiny, non-obvious interactive targets, very web-like. I’m praying that Ive will restore Apple back to a high standard in this area.

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