Tim Cook’s recipe for Apple Crumble

“I suspect that this article will not be very popular with Apple (AAPL) fanatics but I feel it is time to highlight some of the differences between the management capabilities of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs,” Steve Auger opines via Seeking Alpha. “The differences are striking, and will likely lead to an eventual crumbling of Apple’s pie.”

“Simply put, vision was Steve Jobs’ secret to success,” Auger writes. “His talent didn’t lie with inventions as most of Apple’s products were not original. Steve Jobs didn’t invent Windows, nor did he invent hand-held devices, music players or smart phones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Windows? Did you mean “the GUI?” And, in effect, Steve Jobs did invent “Windows,” simply by releasing the Mac.

Auger continues, “But he did come out with the right products, the right design, at the right time. He demonstrated an uncanny sense of what consumers would buy… With Tim Cook at the helm, a new but not necessarily improved Apple has emerged. Apple is no longer providing the market-dominating vision and leadership it once did. Instead of flying higher and faster as investors are accustomed to, Apple is instead embroiled in patent wars.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, as directed by Steve Jobs. When people steal your patented IP, you have the right to sue.

Auger continues, “What innovations is Apple bringing to the table? The recent iPhone 5 release included the much desired LTE, but this is simple catch-up with other Smart Phone manufacturers. Other initiatives such as Siri and Apple Maps have been a flop, acknowledged by the recent departure of senior vice president Scott Forstall.”

MacDailyNews Take: What? How does Cook axing Forstall make Maps and Siri “flops?” Neither is a flop.

Auger continues, “With Tim Cook leading the company, product releases have been sliding and seem to be stumbling out the door. The iPhone 4S didn’t occur in June as would normally be the case. The product announcement came on October 4 2011, one day before Steve Jobs’ passing. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 but was beset by manufacturing and parts supply issues, resulting in a shortage of iPhones. The iPhone 5 came with Apple Maps has been a complete flop with Tim Cook finding it necessary to write an apology to Apple customers.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, so now Apple’s Maps are a “complete flop.” Idiocy.

Further stupidity – Think Before You Click™here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


      1. Yep. Seeking Alpha and Business Insider are two of the worst out there. I won’t read anything at either. They are small time wannabe stock manipulators that always seem to be on the wrong side of right with their positions, and actually think that the drivel they write will help them.

      2. If you really want a good laugh read the reply I got to a comment I submitted over there:

        “We have deleted your comment because it contains insults, obscenities or abusive language about the topic under discussion. In an effort to encourage high-quality discussion of articles, we encourage you to avoid such language. We still welcome your post if it contains a strong and polite disagreement about the issues under discussion, but we ask you to resubmit it in a form that is more appropriate for the **serious tone** (emphasis mine) we aim to encourage on the site.”

        I thought the comment was rather restrained about the author starting to resort to name calling when answering comments:

        “This answer exposes your bias and your lack of information. You attribute waiting times for iPhone 5s to a screw-up in manufacturing and delivery, and apparently completely discount huge demand when you, nor anyone else, have any idea what current sales actually are. That’s bigotry, my friend. And apparently you missed the conference call and the projected 36% margins in the coming quarter? This is precisely the level of margins that Apple has averaged over the last several years. Recent higher margins were an aberration. You ignore the fact that Apple continues to set records for revenue and profits Y/Y every quarter. Again, willful distortion. Apple has no competition, only copiers. What has Google or Samsung invented…ever? If Apple invents nothing over the next 3 years the “competition” will be exactly where it is now. Proof? What did the Samsung cellphone look like before the iPhone was produced? Hint: It looked EXACTLY like the Blackberry. And Microsoft? Poor Microsoft, led by an idiot, producing ever more complicated and frustrating software, and offering products nobody wants. Apple should fear anything from Microsoft? Not in this universe.”

      3. I read some good things at Seeking Alpha, but some bad things too.  I don’t think there is a ‘party line’ because I see articles both optimistic about Apple’s future and others that are pessimistic.  (Not everything written here at MDN is great, either.)

        … Having said that, this particular article is really stupid!  And the writer is an idiot.

    1. … “invent windows”. Maybe Bill Gates? Based on the work Steve Jobs did, based (partly) on work done by Xerox. I’ll happily give Jobs the majority of the credit for the GUI, but not for “windows”. Depending on your usage, that was either Xerox or Gates. One is important, the other … enh.

      1. Actually, Jobs’s Macintosh team (particularly Bill Atkinson) did invent “windows,” as most people think of them. The Xerox GUI didn’t have tiled windows, simply fixed graphic screens. Mac was the first to have overlapping and adjustable sizes. Mac did it first. Microsoft then copied.

  1. To the apple cynic, everything that goes on at apple is failure, even it’s succes. These are delusional people. This part of the population will always exist… Unfortuately.

      1. Here come the big losses in stock price due to the short trading. Apple should be at $481 in a month if not quicker.

        Not just from this article but from all the FUD out there. This is what the traders want in order to make money on apple.

        Up or down they make money.

  2. Numbers, numbers, NUMBERS! Look at the numbers! iPads, iPhones, even Macs. In hospitals, schools, government and business — around the world! I don’t see crumbling. I see a tsunami of change still gathering steam.

  3. Really a shortage of iPhones – how about increased demand all this talk about problems and supply issues are all made up and none have been proven – just more ways to keep the stock down..

  4. Sounds like Auger came up with a catchy metaphor for a headline (Apple Crumb Pie) and then looked for any excuse to write a story in order to fill the space under it.

  5. These breathless morons are looking for an imperfect edge under which they can jam a lever arm of illogic. Why not choose the shoddy construction seam from any of Apple’s plastic competitors?

  6. The only point of this is that we have yet to see a totally new product out from under Tim Cook’s reign. Nearly every other move, aside from letting maps out in that state, has been a positive one, including recognizing a market for an iPad mini and the staff changes.

    So I think it’s a little early to be calling for Apple’s demise because they supposedly can’t innovate. Certainly not while record sales numbers are coming in.

    1. Personally I have more faith in Cook since the announcement of Forstall’s “dismissal”, and the executive streamlining with Ive in controll of HI is brilliant. Well Done!!!

  7. This guys is correct, as evidenced by the recent and precipitous decline in revenue and profit … Whoops, he’s right because no one wants the flop-ridden iPhone 5, iPad (3/4), or iPad mini. OK, so he’s right because … at some point he thinks that these unbelievable results, despite “flops” and shortages, will disappear based on his theory of … [crickets]

  8. Look, I agree that analysts (every last one of them) are a bunch of cockless dolts when it comes to Apple. But you’re completely in denial with the counter-points you’ve made.

    #1 Any idiot can see what he was saying, so your “Windows” comment is complete asshattery.

    #2 He was commenting on Cook’s (Apple’s) vision & leadership, a perception I’ll grant you. He’s talking about the way people see the company, and where Cook sees the company going with its products. He’s saying that average people perceive Cook & Apple to lack the vision & leadership since Jobs left, and in its place only patent lawsuits to fill the headlines. You’ve simplified it down to only the patent statement. You took the easy way out.

    #3 Again you’ve ignored the main point of what he was saying and chosen to focus on the easy example – which also fails the smell test. Siri and Maps ARE a complete flop in the court of public opinion.

    Few people use Siri beyond the first few day of owning the latest iPhones. And when put up against expectations, Maps has flopped as well (again, in the public’s opinion anyway — I don’t see any problems with it, but that’s just me.) When the “hero feature” fizzles, it’s a flop, even if they work as well as can be expected. And Forstall was in charge of both of these projects, contributing to (though not entirely) to his firing. These are facts.

    #4 When the uneducated public, including every news reporter I saw report on the iPhone 5 announcements, proclaim Maps as a “problem” – it’s a complete flop. Again, I think Maps works fine (for my needs). But everyone I talk to who is not a tech-enthusiast asks about the Maps problem, and if they should get an iPhone at all. Most of these idiots have no need to even use a map, but the (undeserved) dark cloud of perception over Maps is that it’s a complete failure.

    It’s not that I completely disagree with your opinions, but I feel like you’ve taken the low road of flicking boogers at the back of the schoolyard bully’s head with these comments.

    You could have spent a little more time and thoughtfully explained why everything this asshat wrote is complete bullsh¡t (because it is), but instead you’ve come across like a 15 year-old fanboy.

    1. Why should MDN repeat the same thing about these issues they’ve already commented on. Since the “uneducated public” doesn’t propagate sites like this there is no need for it. Experts like you surely don’t need enlightened, now do you?

    2. “#4 When the uneducated public, including every news reporter I saw report on the iPhone 5 announcements, proclaim Maps as a “problem” – it’s a complete flop.”

      Only in a world where all opinions have equal value, and the facts (the actual truth) are established by popular vote instead of experience and logic. This kind of thinking has been taught in our schools for about the last 20 years, which explains why most 20-somethings and younger can’t reason their way through the average fast food menu.

      Apple will be fine. Cook is an excellent CEO. The talking heads will yammer about investing in Apple and Paris Hilton’s lack of underwear with the same uncomprehending, but authoritative tone until people stop paying attention (advertising revenue) to them. Buy and hold.

        1. I have a 17 year old and an 18 year old in my household. A typical conversation goes like this:

          Me: Interesting…spectrographic analysis reveals that the moon is made mostly of silica.

          1st Teenager: Yes, but I think it might be made of green cheese.

          2nd Teenager: Nah, that’s an old meme. I think it’s really a holographic projection created by the military-industrial complex to sustain funding for the space program.

          1st Teenager: Wow, that’s a cool idea! I can’t wait to post it on Facebook.


    3. you say:
      1. average people perceive Cook & Apple to lack the vision & leadership since Jobs left…on what basis can you agree “average people” believe ANYTHING? Because you say so?
      2.” Siri and Maps ARE a complete flop in the court of public opinion.”…where are the stats for the court of public opinion that you are quoting, please?
      3. “Few people use Siri beyond the first few day of owning the latest iPhones.”…source, please?
      4. “Maps has flopped as well (again, in the public’s opinion anyway”..this is really getting boring, you quoting people who are making up stats, then you claiming them as fact.
      5. “including every news reporter I saw report on the iPhone 5 announcements, proclaim Maps as a “problem” – it’s a complete flop.” …Ahh, now it’s clear. The court of public opinion is actually what reporters on stations you saw said.
      6. “but instead you’ve come across like a 15 year-old fanboy.”…Well, one might say your comments come across as ill informed, lacking any factual statistical effect in sales impact, the true determinant of “flop”, unless news reports are more truthful than factual market results. And I won’t stoop to comparing this post to a particular grade level of education. That would be stooping lower than booger throwing.

    4. I’ll go public: I’m one of your “few” who use Siri and Maps beyond the initial day. I use both every day and rely upon them. Maps is accurate for me in ways my TomTom never was, and Siri understands me more often than my famy members do. So please, continue to express your opinion but don’t use sweeping generalities about others which you have no way of backing up.

    5. 1. I disagree with you on this. Windows could either mean OS or an OS with a GUI, and in neither situation would anyone claim Windows are the first. This was in the context of “invention”, so those are relevant points.

      2. Does the “average person” actually believe that? I’m not sure the average person even knows who Tim Cook is. Also, give than Apple products still sell incredibly well, there is no evidence of a crisis of consumer confidence.

      3. I don’t agree that either are “flops”. Siri has not lived up to expectations, but can you cite evidence that the court of public opinion has ruled Siri a flop? Many tech bloggers may write so, but that does not speak to whether the average consumer thinks it is a “flop”. Maps has caused a lot of bad media, a lot of it deserved, but iPhone 5 sold better in the first weekend than any other iPhone before it. I think the court of consumer opinion is not what you think it is.

      4. reporters vs consumers. Sales.

  9. Newsflash to Steve Auger the Loser. Tim Cook’s Apple is not Steve Job’s Apple. If you haven’t figured that out, stop writing and get back to what you do best, which judging by your picture is stuffing your fat face every chance you get. Shit changes, adapt or get the flip out of the way!

  10. “Yes, as directed by Steve Jobs. When people steal your patented IP, you have the right to sue.”

    Shouldn’t that read as: “Yes, as directed by Steve Jobs. When people steal your patented IP, you have the DUTY to sue”?

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