Apple loses right to iPhone brand name in Mexico

“Apple has lost an injunction bid that would have allowed it to continue selling iPhone-branded products in Mexico,” Electronista reports.

“A court in Mexico City handed down a ruling last Thursday denying Apple’s injunction request on the grounds that the iPhone brand is too phonetically similar to iFone, a brand belonging to a Mexican company that registered its name four years prior to Apple’s filing for the iPhone brand mark,” Electronista reports. “The decision stems from a legal action that Apple initially filed in 2009 requesting that the company cease using the iFone brand in order to head off the possibility of consumer confusion.”

Electronista reports, “El Universal reports that the iFone trade name was registered in Mexico in 2003, some four years before Apple did so… iFone is a telecommunications company selling communications systems and services, including interfaces for IP-based telephone calls, virtual office services, and software for switching systems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yea, okay. Couldn’t Apple simply buy iFone S.A. de C.V. with petty cash?


      1. I think Mike was referring to the face that iMac, iCal, iSight, iPod, iBook, iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, etc. all start with an ‘i’ and all predated both iPhone and iFone.

          1. So what? Apple did not patent iXXX, as they could have. I ran into this when I named my company The Hartford Communications Group. Any use of “The” and “Group” with Hartford is a trademark violation.

            I was lucky. I telephoned The Hartford Group legal and told them what I was planning on naming my firm. They were very nice, and explained why I couldn’t. That was real cheap legal research, and saved me some future headache.

            The Mexican ruling is a good one.

    1. Umm… Nope. I tried to get folks to refer to the Internet as the iNet (capitalization may or may not be accurate) back in the mid-1990s. Though it did popularize putting an “i” in front of things, Apple most certainly did not invent it.

        1. The mid-1990s… We used email, telnet, FTP, gopher, etc. That pesky WWW thing was only just starting to become popular. Anyways, I think it may have been on email or a private newsgroup. My point wasn’t that Apple wasn’t ripped offcon a specific case but rather that all use cases aren’t rip-offs.

  1. That’s exactly what they will do… Except they should have done it BEFORE they filed the injunction …. Now that they have lost it will cost twice as much…. Tha iFone guys are jumping with joy today… And Apple started it… Kind of a dumb move ….what bozos.

    1. How did Apple start it exactly? All they did was try to sell iPhones in Mexico and this iFone company sued them. Apple today lost the injunction that would allow them to continue selling phones in Mexico regardless.

      1. No read the article… apple sued them… Do people not read anymore… And When Apple lost the judge agreed with Apple the name caused confusion … But since iPhone was first Apple got what they asked for … In reverse.

        1. Well your snarky not reading comment aside, I did misread that. However, as many have pointed out, this company stole Apples idea in the first place. It was Apple that started using the lower case “i” in front of their products back in 98′ with the first iMac. This use of the lower case “i” became synonymous with tech developed by Apple and many have tried to capitalize on this since. I don’t fault Apple for suing in this instance. This is a case of some one riding Apple’s coat tales to try and make them selves seem more legitimate.

    2. Yeh. Real bozos. Thanks for your incredible business wisdom, Alcancun. Apple will no doubt look forward to you helping them out of the fog of idiocy they’re operating in. By the way, what successful giant corporation is it that you run (and, no doubt, without ever making even the tiniest mistake)?

      1. The lawyers idiot… Like I said earlier… Do people not read anymore… And by the way … The large company I started and became CEO of allowed me to retire to the beach at 40 10 years after starting it…. And you?

    1. Apple stArted it you bozo … Can’t you read the iFone guys were minding their own business and Apple sued…. Lost and the judge said your right it is confusing so take your product off the market using that name…. Apple lawyers: “Oops, we f$@ked up.

      Now.. As too iMac and iPod names… Of course they were first…. But you can’t register iAnything and iEverything.

      Now… I am American and love Apple but they screwed up this time… Can’t blame Mexico for this one…. Well I guess you can if your a racist with blinders on, and no concept of ANY legal system

          1. Agreed. Apple made a mistake here by going after them. They likely could have simply continued to coexist otherwise.

            Some people here also need to get over their xenophobia.

          2. Amen. People do tend to forget that it’s just a company it’s not their best friend. I wouldn’t defend Ford or General Mills why would I defend Apple? I love their stuff. Have used it forever. Make my living with it! Think they make the very best. But it’s basically it’s a thing. Not a person. And if these people think that Apple wouldn’t steamroll over them if they needed to, then they’re just simply not very bright. Buy their stuff. Invest in them. But take your wife and your kids out to dinner. Those are real people worth defending.

          3. Your post was very well thought out, and its certainly true that Apple screwed up. Just shoulda left it alone, and everything would have probably been fine for iFone and iPhone.

            However, you screwed up and crossed the line by accusing anyone of being racist. Bad Form.

      1. “Can’t blame Mexico for this one…. Well I guess you can if your a racist with blinders on, and no concept of ANY legal system”

        Yeah, so how’s that legal system working out for good ol’ Mexico? They almost make our scam of a judicial system look decent. You don’t have to be a racist to recognize a corrupt to the core, shit hole country when you smell one.

        1. The only difference between corruption in the US and Mexico is the cost… It just costs more in the US…if you don’t think even your presidential election is bought and paid for …. Take your head out of your butt and wait till next week.

          1. Another difference is that in the U.S. the police and military aren’t a major factor in the corruption, including the murders of journalists, politicians, judges and others. I have no delusions about the purity of the U.S. in these regards, just as I have no doubts about the realities of the country of Mexico.

  2. Simple solution for apple, don’t sell the iPhone in Mexico.

    Mexico isn’t exactly a large marke to be in snyway. Apple shouldn’t rename the iPhone in Mexico just for them.

      1. He should he thinks like Balmer … All bravado and no business sense. Mexico is a Huge market for Apple .. Spanish is the 4th largest spoken language in the world… Here is the order and might be sobering to my fellow Americans

        1. Chinese
        2. Hindi
        3. English
        4. Spanish

        1. I run my own award winning creative company and have global clients.

          We are out performing our competitors in the creative sector month on month because we take risks.

          I sacked 33% of my clients last year who were wrong for my company as they were buying on price and not value and we trebled our profit and improved our creative thinking.

          I spend one day a week working on business strategy. So don’t talk to me about no business sense.

          Apple not being in Mexico isn’t a deal breaker if you analyise the iPhone target market for the area.

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