The Independent reviews Apple’s iPad mini: High-end gadget is worth the price

“The iPad mini, Apple’s first tablet to feature a smaller display, is very light. So light that when I picked up the box it crossed my mind there was no iPad mini inside, just a charger plug, cable and, you know, gubbins,” David Phelan writes for The Independent. “But there it was nestled into the lid… It’s not as light as a monochrome ebook reader like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, but it beats the other 7in colour-screen tablet contenders… Being lighter than these rivals is a big deal. If you’re going to hold an ebook, the lighter the better. And the iPad mini is thin, too, way thinner than the Nexus or Fire HD.”

“Where rivals are glass and ridged plastic, Apple’s model is glass and aluminium. Choose the black version and the back is a dark, smokey colour while the fashion-forward white edition has a lighter, silvery back. It is far and away the glitziest small-screen tablet with exceptional build quality and rich details like the chamfered edges that give the frame a pleasing finish,” Phelan writes. “This is a high-end gadget.”

Phelan writes, “In most usage, the iPad mini display is way more than good enough. It makes video playback look tremendous and you can zoom in on widescreen movies so they fill the screen – something Amazon’s LoveFilm app doesn’t permit. Open iBooks or the iPad Kindle app and the display makes print look sharp, crisp and highly readable. After all, this new machine’s screen has crammed all the pixels from the iPad 2 into a smaller space, so of course it’s sharper, and few people complained about the iPad 2 screen being less than attractive.”

“Oh, and if you plump for a ‘wi-fi and cellular version,’ you can get the blisteringly fast 4G LTE speeds promised by EE when its network goes live this week,” Phelan writes. “If all this makes the iPad mini a no-brainer of a purchase, it very nearly is. The only other reason to pause is the price… Aesthetically, the iPad mini is the most attractive tablet from any manufacturer yet, including Apple. It feels better in the hand than other small-screened tablets. The materials alone mean it’s no wonder it costs more and – I’d say – it’s worth it.”

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    1. Because a lot of people are not as fortune as we are, and can’t afford even $329 for a top end tablet. I’m sure there a lot of people pining away for an iPad “if only they could afford it”.

      The difference of $129 may not seem like a lot to you or I, but to some people that’s the difference of making ends meet, or not.

  1. I light how weightless the iPad Mini is. I am able to carry it around in my purse and not feel like I am being weighed down. I wanted to get an iPad Mini because it would be easier for me to carry around in my purse. I use it for everything from a planner to watching TV. I am constantly traveling for my job at DISH, and I hate missing all my shows. I use my DISH Remote Access app, which allows me to watch live TV wherever I can get a Wi-Fi connection. I used to take my regular iPad with me, and I always hated having to haul it around in my purse. Even though the resolution isn’t the best you can get, it is still fabulous. I personally think the iPad Mini is well worth the price!

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