Your 3rd gen. iPad with Retina display is worth a lot of money, especially at Amazon

“If you’re an iPad 3 owner still smarting from Apple’s surprise announcement of the iPad 4, we’ve got some great news for you,” Bryan M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice.

“Despite rumors to the contrary, your “new” iPad is still valuable on the secondary market,” Wolfe reports. “Among eBay, Gazelle, Amazon, NextWorth, and even Apple, we’re seeing some incredible offers.”

Wolfe reports, “In particular, Amazon is offering the best trade-in values among the four.”

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  1. Just be aware that Amazon’s system is a scam. They *never* give you the highest price they claim. That price is just to lure you in, but they’ll claim your product had a minor flaw (“tiny scratches”) and give you the “good” price instead of the “new” price.

    This happened to me with my iPhone 4 trade-in — a pristine phone without a flaw (I took photos to prove it). When I called Amazon, they said they don’t have any control over how the other company rates your product — they claimed they don’t even have a contact number for that company (and they won’t name the company, either). You have absolutely no recourse, especially if you don’t check the option to have your product returned (I suspect if you do that they grade on a curve, but you tell them to keep it they are free to grade it however they want and there’s nothing you can do about it).

    Very fishy.

  2. Gazelle was offering $399 for wifi during the announcement, now it’s only $300. Please stop trying to tell me I didn’t just get screwed by this 7 month refresh!

    1. you didn’t get ‘screwed’. your ipad 3 still works, doesn’t it? Do you really want apple to hold back advances in technology so you can brag you have the latest iPad. get a life.

  3. I lucked out with Gazelle. While the keynote was going on, I went to Gazelle and locked in $550 for my iPad 3, 64Mb, AT&T version. They next day I noticed it dropped to $495. Looks like its still at that price today.

    Timing is everything. I did the same with selling my iPhone 4s, AT&T, 64Gb. I went to Gazelle 3 separate times and got my best offer just a few days before the iPhone 5 was announced. and got $400. Looks like its only $222 today…ouch.

    1. Oooo, watch out! You know Apple builds in “planned obsolescence” so that your iPads will simply dissolve internally. I give your wife’s original iPad about 7 weeks of life . . . .

    2. This is part of what I am talking about when I say iPad 3 owners got “screwed.” Your wife’s “positively antiquated” original iPad is only 2 and a half years old and it is currently shut out from upgrading to iOS 6. 2 1/2 years and it’s already left behind. I already see apps I cannot use if the device isn’t upgraded to the latest iOS. I’m not that aggravated over it because I got more use out of my iPad 1 than any electronic device I have ever purchased previously. Also I went into that purchase with specific expectations that Apple followed through on. I knew they were going to add the missing camera, I knew it was going to get a spec increase, and I expected all these things to pretty much follow the same upgrade path that Apple has used on previous iOS devices.

      I know my iPad doesn’t work any different now then it did on Monday, but it sure is worth less than what was on Monday. I know it’s not any slower than what it was on Monday, but with faster refreshes, and more powerful devices being released sooner come more advanced games and operating systems that create the opportunity for the iPad 3 to become obsolescent even sooner than the iPad 1. Maybe I don’t get 2 1/2 years out of the iPad 3 like I did out of the iPad 1, maybe now it’s only a 1 1/2 instead. Add this all to the fact that resale values dropped, and doesn’t sound like you are getting screwed?

  4. Why is no one using eBay! I get crazy money on eBay, I tell my folks I can sell a runny pile of….. Samsung if I take good photos of it! All kidding aside, I’ve sold many of my upgraded products there with very excellent results.

  5. I sell most if my electronics on eBay. I sold both of my iPhone 4’s, which were in great shape for $275 each. I am debating about putting my iPad 3’s up for sale for the new one. So then all my devices can have the same charging cords. What to do what to do????

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