How Apple’s new MacBook Pro lineup changes everything

“I own a 2011 13-inch MacBook Air (MBA). So the first thing I wanted to know about Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro (MBP) with Retina display is how much of a leap it is over my current MBA. That investigation turned up some interesting things,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer.

“The elimination of the optical drive in the new MBPs (Retina) changes everything,” Martellaro writes. “Now we’re looking at at a 13-inch MBA that weighs 2.96 lbs and a 13-inch MBP (Retina) that weighs 3.57 lbs. With all that speed and that beautiful, high-resolution display, I think the technical momentum plus coolness factor has moved back to the MBP line.”

Martellaro writes, “My own feeling is that when I replace my current 13-inch MBA, it’s very likely that I’ll leave the entry-point MBA series behind. Astonishing… But what I really like is Apple’s new thinking about how to make life easier for customers.”

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      1. Based on the posts in this forum over the years, it does appear that our fellow Mac users across the oceans have to pay extra for the privilege. In this case, however, it doesn’t seem too bad.

        $1699 * 1.17 = $1987.83. And then there is the exchange rate, as KenC notes.

    1. Is that $2261 with 17% VAT? Also, the dollar is in strengthening phase. Apple prices for the long-haul and doesn’t tweak its prices once set, so they have to factor in Long-term exchange rate fluctuations. That’s why prices often seem out of joint.

        1. Oh, I see, you’re too friggin’ cheap to buy a legal version. Do you get the music from illegal downloads also dipshit? Bet people can’t wait to swap Christmas presents with you Ebenezer.

          1. well, normal people seem to like CDs customized to their own tastes, similar to how you make up a name whenever you reply to me. Incidentally, all of my music is from either my CDs or from iTunes, which is also none of your fucking business.

            1. “Incidentally, all of my music is from either my CDs or from iTunes…”

              That’s great, botvinnik. But just because you did not steal the music originally is no excuse to then make illegal copies for friends and family. That is not covered under the “fair use” doctrine.

            2. Actually it is. When you purchase a CD or a digital copy you are purchasing the license to listen to said music for your own enjoyment. That license specifically states that said license is not transferrable to another party.

    1. I do on occasion, so I bought the external CD/DVD drive with my 15″ MacBook Pro Retina.

      I got the maxxed-out MBPR and what a fantastic computer!

      I was waffling about the extra cost, but the weight loss and speed gains made it worth the price!

      ZERO regret!

      1. Yep!
        Cause they plug right in to that factory stereo…. Oh, wait.

        I personally don’t mind the MBP losing the optical drive, but the iMac… Diff story.

        IMO the 13″ MBP with retina just killed ANY reason for me to buy an air. 1/2 lb difference? And it’s more powerful than the air.. Yeah I’ll take the MBP 😉

            1. Ah, I see, still riding that short yellow bus, eh Goober?
              Or do you ride in your chauffeured limo which you can afford because you’re too cheap to purchase gifts?

            1. You’ve never had a girlfriend have you? That’s understandable, you being a cheapskate who has to ride a bicycle. Most women aren’t real impressed by that.

    2. It sounds like you’re just stating some random preference: “I like being able to burn a CD.” Perhaps just acknowledging that Apple’s decision makes sense, but you’re personally a little bummed? If so, disregard the following – a little request for commiseration is understandable. If not:
      Since you’re stating this fact here, I’m assuming you meant it to be relevant to the conversation, which means that it must have been intended as a criticism of Apple’s decision to remove the optical drive. Thus this rebuttal:
      So, because a small group like to burn CDs/DVDs, Apple should build the burner into every single laptop, even though that adds weight and takes away space for a larger battery? Millions of people should carry extra weight for something they will not use?
      Note that you will still “be[] able to burn a CD.” The only difference is that Apple is asking only you to pay for that feature instead of making everyone else do so. Do you actually think that was a bad idea? If not, what were you intending by your statement?

  1. I am less impressed with the new 13-inch Retina than I was with the 15-inch one. Unlike this one, the new generation 15-incher offered for more raw power than the previous-gen one. I expected this one to offer more power, or at least a lower price tag.

  2. That’s great that he thinks he’ll leave the MacBook Air behind, but he has forgotten that, unless he’s upgrading in the next 6 months, there will likely be a new revised and lighter MBA out to further distinguish itself from the MBP.

    I’m guessing that Apple wouldn’t have made the MBP so close in form and lightness to the MBA unless Apple was preparing a new MBA which would similarly blow our minds with its thinness and lightness.

  3. I was a WTF! Guy when the optical drive started to go away but it really is all moving that way and Apple love to push it when it comes to future formats. USB sticks are the new CDs and if you buy a new car or in-car entertainment device you will see a great may of them do have the ability to play media from a USB device including sticks, hard drives and iPods. It’s like the demise of the floppy drive, it might take a little while but it’s gonna happen.

  4. I seriously want to see how an (upgrade option) i7 MBA 13 ” compares to the base 2.5 i5 MBP. Except for the higher res screen I don’t see the MBP having any other real advantage over the MBA.

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