The Verge hands on Apple’s new iMac: Extremely thin, stunning

“Here it is, the thinner new iMac — and it is extremely thin. Apple’s using a ridiculously aggressive rounded backplate to make the sides appear almost impossibly thin until you come around fully to the back, at which point the true depth of the machine is apparent. It’s a trick, but it works incredibly well, especially on the 27-inch model,” Nilay Patel reports for The Verge.

“Although Apple isn’t calling this panel a ‘Retina Display,’ the techniques and appearance of this panel are pretty close to Retina-level: the laminated front glass and anti-glare treatments make images look like they’re lying right on top of the screen, and the same scaling options you get on a Retina MacBook Pro are present in system preferences,” Patel reports. “(The highest available resolution on the 27-inch model is 2560 x 1440.) Overall it looks stunning — the first real reason to replace an iMac in years.”

Check out the video in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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        1. Target mode works with Thunderbolt. When you boot and hold the T key, the Thunderbolt symbol appears instead of Firewire. On the Macs equiped with both Firewire and Thunderbolt, holding the T key at startup will show both symbols, until a connection is detected, and then the unused interface symbol will disappear

          1. Yet another peripheral requiring multiple cables and taking up space. Kind of detracts from the aesthetics of it all. On the other hand, the Apple superdrive looks incredibly thin.

        1. I was wondering how long it would take to get another voice lamenting the loss of a physical media drive. The world is moving to wireless data transfer and as always, Apple is the mover and shaker while the rest of the industry just follows.

      1. Actually, it can still use floppies, if you connect a USB drive for it. Same thing with CDs. Same thing with DVDs. You can also use Firewire through the Thunderbolt port. What were these complaints about again?

    1. The SD card slot is the worst design decision that Apple has made in years, have to get up and look around the back every time you want to use it. If I get this version of the iMac I will have to get an external reader 🙁 to sit beside my external DVD Burner 🙁
      Also Apple not taking orders yet is very strange.

  1. I also loved how the word “seamless” was used to describe both the iPad mini and the iMac. The MS Surface keynote kept using that word too, except they said that all the lines were “seamless”, while Apple’s “seamless” actually means no lines. In other words, Apple actually knows the meaning of the word.

  2. No dvd slot? Never going to buy one. What are they thinking? Hey here’s Final cut pro/iMovie how the heck are you going to burn a DVD? Wait I got a new program on CD, how am I going to load it? Talk about dumb. Trying to turn it into an ipad.

    1. Burn a DVD!? A “new” program on CD!? I can’t remember the last time I had to install an application from a CD? LOL The ONLY thing I use my DVD drive for is ripping movies off DVDs, otherwise, it’s useless.

      Buy a $10 DVD drive and STFU.

      1. Well let’s see there is no DVD burner for $10, Now I have more desk clutter and more wires. I have clients that have to have DVD’s of what they paid for. Yes programs are still on DVD and CD go to the apple store the shelves are full of them as is best buy. Many cars still don’t have iPod integration and people still us CDs in the car. Stop making excuses for Apple. Hey here is your new ALL IN ONE computer, but now start adding on peripherals so you can get full function out of it. Who’s the idiot who put the SD card slot on the back?

  3. I can see where Apple are going with the iMac, and although it is indeed a great design aesthetically I don’t think the machine now fits my needs. I’ll stick with my 2010 iMac for now, but eventually I’ll drop the two-machine approach and just have an external screen for a new MBP….if the full-featured MBP is still around at that point.

  4. no user upgradable memory on the 21″ iMac so get ready to pony up for memory upgrades. If you use aperture you’re going to need lots of it. I guess this is a way to push you to higher end models. Oh wait for your $1200 you get no optical, no firewire, no way to upgrade your memory and a 5400rpm drive, all that for a premium price. What the heck is Apple thinking. This has to be the WORST value ever in a computer offering from Apple.

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