Starting at $329: Is Apple’s new 7.9-inch iPad mini too expensive?

“Apple, by and large, likes to float above price wars. When people tell Macbook users that they could get a great Windows laptop for half the price, they just sort of stare at them,” Dave Thier writes for Forbes.

“But Apple is trying to extend its tablet dominance into budget territory with the iPad Mini, and price, suddenly, becomes the vital factor,” Thier writes. “The Nexus 7 retails for $199, and the Kindle Fire as low as $159 — $199 for the HD version. Apple wants to be cheaper, but not that cheap. The iPad mini is arriving at $329. So as we get into a tablet buying kind of mood, the question becomes – is the iPad mini $130 better than its competition?”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s worth more than $130, which makes iPad mini a great deal.

Thier writes, “The iPad mini does have LTE support at a higher price point, which the Nexus and Kindle lack. The app store remains a serious advantage – techies may bemoan the walled garden, but others take comfort in a degree of protection from malware. And the sheer quantity of apps specialized for the iPad can’t be beat.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As always, Apple is correct to let the also-rans deal with the market’s bottom-dwellers. Cheapskates do not make great customers. In fact, skinflints make awful customers; they certainly don’t purchase content and apps like Apple product users do.

Let the undiscerning riffraff wallow in crap as usual.

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      1. I’m hardly stingy. If I was going to buy one, I’d buy the 64Gb w/cellular, which is $659. I have a 16Gb iPad 2 w/Wi-Fi, and HATE it. (It was a present. I had bought the original iPad at 64Gb w/cell.) 16Gb is NOT enough space. And at that price, what’s the point? Might as well get a full sized one.

        No, $329 is too much because it gives Android breathing room. And Android must die.

        1. Good points. It does seem that $329 is high. I guess Apple knows what’s it doing? But I think MDN’s arrogant comment about bottom dwellers is rather rude. One’s economic stance in life is not always their own doing. The last thing I ever am is a thin skinned goody two shoes liberal. Having said that, it’s pretty obvious that M D N is using cheapskate and skinflints to justify Apple’s $329 pricing point. MDN is probably as surprised and unhappy as most. But it’s easier to act like Apple does every thing right rather than to be objective.

          1. I always thought ‘bottom-dwellers’ was more a frame of mind/attitude, than an actual social or economic position.
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    1. When I see someone with a non-Apple tablet, I view them the same as when I see someone lugging around a non-Apple laptop or driving a car with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker: as a threat to the gene pool.

      1. Right there with you, except for the bumper stick bit, which your insufficient brain capacity has managed to interpret backwards.

        If you weren’t such a blind party loyalist, and actually used logic and reason to decide the best candidate you’d see that an out of touch women-hating millionaire, with an abysmal business record (albeit a stellar gambling record), with severe flip-flop issues brought about by a healthy dose of Romnesia would be the worst thing to happen to this country since Bush II. You do remember how that administration left things, don’t you?

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            3. Wow, what planet do you live on? There are cold hard numbers to support the position that the economy is in better shape now than it was at the end of the Bush II administration. Obama has done an admirable job cleaning up the mess the neglectful and reckless Mr Bush left. He would’ve accomplished a great deal more had the obstructionist Congress of 2010 not forgotten that their mandate is in looking out for the best interests of the people they represent instead of some imaginary (R) vs (D) scoreboard. Compromise and working together to solve problems are the only way we’re ever going to improve and advance ourselves, something Congress either seems to have forgotten or has intentionally laid aside in an attempt to poison public opinion against the Obama so they can get one of their own back into the Oval Office.

              Regardless, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs that so many are so obsessed with party allegiances that they put blinders on, ignoring reality at every turn, wanting nothing more than the (R) or (D) to win without any regard for the merits of that individual.

              The sad thing is, the Republicans could have and should have courted a more suitable candidate. The one they chose is an absolute disaster of a human being. He’s contradicted himself at every turn making him come off as a ‘say what they want to hear’ kind of guy. When he has been candid, the things that have come out of his mouth have been horrible. He made his fortune by destroying businesses and milking the carcasses for everything they were worth, costing thousands of jobs in the process. What jobs were left, he shipped overseas. I have yet to hear of a single thing he’s done that was of any benefit to anyone other than himself or his peer group. He is not fit to represent the hardworking backbone of this country.

              As for your suggested reading, I think its much ado about nothing. That the man can crack a joke and demonstrate that he is an ‘everyman’ is a strength. Couple that with the fact that the biggest thing you could throw at me as an argument for Romney was an indictment on his sense of humor only speaks volumes to support my position that Obama is a better human being, and by extension, a better choice to lead.

            1. As with “binders” and other such transparent silliness, the cause of “Romnesia” is desperation as the Obama admin panics over internal polling that has to look at least as bad for them as what I’m seeing over here.

            2. Nope. Romnesia is just a playful term to describe what happens when Romney changes his story so many times that he can’t remember what he said to who. He’s a pathological flip-flopper – he just says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear at any time. It’s documented that in the last 30 weeks he’s lied or misstated the facts over 533 times. But what happens if he wins and has to make a decision that he has to stick with? Or gets called out by a world leader in his lies?

    2. Agreed, It’s not even in the same league as the $199 devices.. All one has to do is watch the video to discern that..

      So yes, It’s $130 more than the cheapest product, but it’s $170 less than the base full size iPad – which *IS* the market leader.

      This thing will sell like hot cakes.

      1. Yes… It’s basically the SAME as the iPad 2, except that it is HALF the weight. The screen is physically smaller, but it shows exactly the same content. That is amazing! HALF the weight!

        It should be priced at $399, because if an iPad 2 is worth $399, the iPad mini is worth at least as much. Instead, it has a $70 discount. What a deal…!

        Next year, I think the pricing will be different and less awkward:

        The “latest and greatest” big iPad – $499 and up
        Last year’s big iPad (current Retina Display model) – $399
        iPad mini (still 1024×768 resolution) – $299
        iPod touch (4-inch screen) – less than $299

        This year, the iPad mini is sort of caught between the iPod touch and iPad 2, for pricing.

      1. Actually it’s only $70 less than the iPad 2,to which it most closely compares. And it’s somewhat larger than it’s 7″ Android competition. I’m not sure what I think of this yet. Will have to play with one to really see, but right now I’m thinking I’d take the iPad 2 over this. Or maybe even a Nexus 7. Hmmm.

    3. I’ll bet we really need to hold it to understand how desirable it is. My guess is that the size is going to be extremely sexy for a LOT of people. iPads are fricking heavy. And large. The mini is going to hit a serious sweet spot. Eventually it will go retina, making it even sweeter more irresistable.

    4. No, iPad mini is not expensive at $329.

      Listen, iPad mini is not a dumbed-down, tiny screen, consumption-only tablet.

      “Apple wants to be cheaper” This is what people don’t understand and people like Dave Thier won’t ever get it.

      Hey Dave, Apple does NOT want to be cheaper, it’s not part of their strategy.

      Apple regularly creates the best product first and then finds the best price to offer it.

      Whoever thinks iPad mini is expensive or pricey has no clue of what they get for the price.

    1. Agreed that $299 sounds better but when you say it’s $30 more than that it sounds trivial. Glad i like the full size so the mini hasn’t bearing for me. Tough call though If you just read and email. Not going to win over the basic users.

    2. Agree. $299 would have been much, much better.

      $329 just invites anyone on the fence to get an Android tablet and lets the “reporters” as well as the Fandroids bash Apple for robbing people on old technology (the A5 is two generations back and the screen is the equivalent of three generations back).

    3. When you sell 20M units, for example, $30 per unit amounts to $600M gross. That’s money, even to Apple. Over time, the difference could amount to billions.

      It is also worth keeping in mind that people like to see prices drop, not rise. At $329, Apple positions the iPad mini as a high-quality (dare I say ‘premium’?) product unencumbered by embedded advertisements and fully integrated into the Apple iOS ecosystem. That price point leaves room for Apple to adjust slightly downward if management sees the need to do so. It will not surprise me if the iPad mini price declines to $299 in a year, at the next release (A6-family processor, etc.).

  1. No doubt it is worth the 329. But 299 would have been much better. A little less for Apple but much better optics. Now some people will buy the terrible Nexus or so because it’s so cheap.

        1. Yes, every Apple customer.

          There are certain types of buyers that Apple has never catered to and hopefully never will as it would degrade the experience for all of us who are smart enough to purchase Apple products.

            1. Oh come on. If you want to go mountain biking, don’t buy a bike at WalMart. It’s nothing to do with thinking one is better; it’s to do with quality of experience. Apple has no obligation to produce the equivalent of a WalMart “mountain bike” — or a $400 plastic Dell.

      1. Last time I checked, Apple accepts the money of anyone who wants to buy. Take your faux elite nonsense somewhere else.
        BTW- Just came from early voting- stood in line about 90 minutes and the Willard RobbedMe voters were sporting Fandroid phones and Focus on the Famdamily Voter Guides.

        1. This sounds like loser talk to me. Don’t worry AP, even though it looks like Obama is going down in flames, everyone, including Obama voters will immediately benefit starting November 7th. Look for oil speculators to start divesting and for gas prices to immediately start dropping with Romney in the WH. Natural as day follows night.

          Less oil money going to the Saudis and more to American oil companies and SUV mfgs means more jobs and eventually more people who can afford the iPad Mini. I know quite a few folks (as O likes to call them) who would love to own an Apple device but the economy doesn’t allow it. I look for Apple to start selling these like hotcakes this Christmas.

      1. Expect that to drop next year to $249. You will notice that Apple didn’t outline the actual sales of the touch. They will keep it a lower-priced entry into the iPhone ecosystem.

  2. But it doesn’t have a kickstand that sounds like an expensive car door….

    They said the iPad originally would not sell. And what a deal over an iPod touch which they sell a ton of.

    1. I’m with you. I love my iPad three. I don’t need the mini but would have probably picked one up had it been $249. $299 would have really been a sweet spot for sales but apparently not margins. Too bad. Certainly could’ve sold a lot more at $299. I would’ve liked to have seen the mini take a big chunk out of the cheaper tablets. Apparently the street and a lot of reviewers are a little bit critical of the entry price. But in the end all that matters is how many they can sell. We should have a pretty good grasp of that by January. The first couple of months will see sales by the Apple faithful. After that it’s the rest of the world. We’ll see.

    1. I’d be interested to know what the margins are on all these small tablets. I suspect Apple’s margins are in line with their usual, which is usually really good. I also agree that Google and Amazon are willing to sell at break-even or below. However, does anyone know the actual figures on the Nexus and Kindle Fire?

      With regard to whether that scheme is sustainable, not sure I agree with you for these two products. Google and Amazon both centrally profit off people using their search engine and store, respectively. Apple does profit from App sales and media sales, but they derive profit more from hardware. However, you could be right that eventually Nexus and Kindles will rise in price.

  3. Nope it’s the price for a great product.

    If price is worrying you then you’re not an apple customer.

    People who buy apple products don’t buy on price. They buy on value.

    Value means, great award winning design, intuitive user experience and a technology as software ecosystem that is the envy of every apple competitor around the world.

    That alone is priceless.

    1. VALUE? Yeah, that’s what I used to think.

      But now my old new iPad that’s not even 7 months old and cost almost $1000 with AppleCare is OBSOLETE! Poof. Gone. Disappeared. Like it never even happend.

      Value? Not so much.

      1. Does it still work? Do you still actually need it in the first place? Does it perform as needed for the functions it was purchased for?
        Then the value is not zero. Grow up, spoiled first world rich kid!

        1. macaholic, if there’s a spoiled first world rich kid attitude, Petey expressed it, not SuzieQ:

          “If price is worrying you then you’re not an apple customer.”

      2. You have got to be kidding! The science of technology moves forward. We would complain if it didn’t. By the way, I have a 2007 MacBook Pro which is far from worthless. I even have an iBook and one of the original iMacs which still work and could be used for a lot of computing tasks if I didn’t have last year’s iMac and that 2007 laptop. If you want the latest and greatest you have to live with innovation.

  4. $299 would have been a great price point. I’m guessing Apple considered this and went on with the price they selected. And I agree, the person that would go $100 and not $130 isn’t the customer that Apple is trying to reach.

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