Gartner: There will be more Apple iPads than Blackberries in business within 2 years

“The market for business process services in the cloud will double to nearly $145 billion by 2016, Gartner senior VP Peter Sondergaard in the opening keynote session Monday morning at the Gartner Symposium IT Expo in Orlando,” Eric Savitz reports for Forbes.

“Gartner sees cloud technology as the foundation for the other key forces affecting enterprise IT at the moment: mobile, social and big data,” Savitz reports.

Some other key points from Sondergaard’s wide-ranging talk on the state of the IT landscape:

• In 2016, over 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally
• Apple iPads will be more common in businesses than BlackBerries within two years
• In 2016, half of all non-PC devices in businesses will be purchased by employees; by end of the decade half of all devices will be purchased by employees

More key points in the full article here.


    1. what!? you work for Microsoft – owner of the stock maybe… have you seen one? why would someone spout out surface unless they had some sort of self interest motif…?

      1. A fairly typical response from an Apple fanboy but entirely expected. For the record though I have and will never have a desire to work or invest in Micro$oft! I also have never seen the Surface in the flesh and neither have you so you can stop talking out of your iArse.

    2. You mean ZunePad? We all know Microsoft’s less than stellar history of trying to sell tablets to consumers. Have consumers changed that much this year or has Microsoft?

  1. Hate to break this to you, Gartner– but this has been the case for over a year already. I haven’t seen a BB being used at ANY company in the U.S I’ve been to for over 2 years. It’s a way GONE technology.

    1. I’d love to agree with you but I have a Blackberry on my desk right now. I work at a very large global corporation and we are all blackberry. I mostly see blackberries in airports. They are not as common as iPhones and Android phones but more common than I see on the streets of the USA.

    1. No thanks..Edward can take a long walk off a short pier.
      The iPad only exists in business because M$ and OEM’s failed to come up with a good way of integrating the tablet into the workplace. The Surface Pro does have the protential to replace and makes an excellent alternative to the iPad in the workplace with managed environment integration and it does an iPad can and once more apps come online then it becomes more flexible. Perhaps battery life may not be as good and the retina display although very good is irrelevant.
      Pre-orders for Surface RT are selling out quickly as well in the US and UK.

      1. You make the same mistake as MS does of thinking everyone wants the same ol’ crap on the tablet as they did on their desktop. Hate to break this to yah Chucky but most people don’t NEED a tablet for much productivity. In business though time will tell. I still think iPad will continue doing well here too. As far as initial brisk sales the PC fanboys must drink their fill, but it’s a shallow well.

        1. I never said anything about NEEDING a tablet. I also never suggested about having the “the same ol’ crap on a tablet as they did on their desktop” either :-S …I said about being in a managed environment! You just assumed that I was meaning about running desktop programs on a tablet…which is not what the surface pro is about…it just adds the ability to run desktop programs.
          Hate to break this to ya peterblood71 but you need to do your research on the surface models and (perhaps shock horror) try a surface out once available in an M$ store so you know what the enemy is up to. I predict you will hate it though.

  2. I work for a company (not in the buggy whip business) that has for years issued BBs to their managers. Since I work in a secure building where cellphones are not allowed , we have a table at the entrance where all employee phones are deposited. You should see all the pretty iPhones, a smattering of Droids, and even fewer berries.

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