Apple’s smaller 7.85-inch ‘iPad mini’ to be a big problem for Amazon, Google, Samsung

“A small iPad from Apple Inc. is likely to have big implications for and Google Inc., if the company does what everyone expects and launches a shrunken version of its best-selling tablet on Tuesday,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“When Apple lifts the wraps on its expected iPad mini — or whatever the company decides to call its first entry into the 7-inch tablet space — the Cupertino, Calif.-based company will be throwing down a direct challenge to several competitors who have used that segment of the market to carve out a niche against the 10-inch iPad that still accounts for an estimated two-thirds of tablet sales,” Gallagher reports. “Most significant among these is Amazon AMZN +0.25% which launched its first tablet called the Kindle Fire last year as a low-priced, smaller entry into the market.”

Gallagher reports, “Google has moved into this space as well with its Nexus 7 tablet that launched over the summer for $200. Samsung KR:005930 +1.00% also sells a 7-inch version of its Galaxy Tab device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It is widely expected that Apple will introduce a 7.85-inch “iPad mini” with a 4:3 aspect ratio tomorrow, not a “7-inch” 16:9 device. Why Gallagher insists on calling a device with a display that’s widely expected to be much closer to 8-inches than to 7-inches is perplexing.

If the iPad mini debuts with the expected screen, we will fight the expected effort from some to equate a 7.85-inch iPad mini display with would-be rivals offering 7-inch screens or 40% less screen area than Apple’s “iPad mini.”


    1. What number iMac are we on?
      What number MBP are we on?
      What number iPod are we on?

      Sure the generation is available for anyone who cares to look it up, but not necessary as part of the product naming scheme.

  1. This 40% screen size bump could justify a price point of $50 more than the competitors but I wouldn’t try pushing it further if they plan to achieve dominance in the mini form factor.

    They are entering a segment, which is VERY, conscious of price …. Unknown territory for Apple…, but with the new “consumer” makeover they are attempting… Pricing is lesson #1 that must be mastered.

    1. I doubt it.

      My experience (some personal, but mostly observational) is that price buyers get what they deserve… and they typically do.

      Whatever price Apple places an iPad Mini at will be the right price, whether critics or anyone else thinks so.

      Remember what everyone (and I mean everyone) thought the price of the iPad was going to be before Apple announced it? Every Apple critic (and supporter) I read had it priced way higher ($1000+ ranges) than the actual price.

      They miscalculated based on the old “Apple charges a premium” FUD.

      Besides, this market segment (for these size devices) has been successful because the segment has predominantly (probably in the 80% – 90% range) consisted of eReaders, not actual tablets. Those eReader buyers are the price conscious buyers you (but not Apple) are concerned about.

  2. Dominance in this segment will heavily dependent on price. Obviously, value is the big issue. But, with the competition at relatively low prices, they will continue to pick up the book reader crowd. Apps are not as important to them.

    If the price is $200, BOOM!! If it is $300, fizzle…

    1. I love these sort of predictions about Apple. They’ve been popping up since the first iPod was announced.


      They’re great for a laugh. Not a one has come true.

  3. Hahaha, typical apple fanboy. The game is not the same as 10inch iPad. Back in 2010, there was no real competition at all. That’s why apple could dominate segment easily. But 7inch market already own by google, amazon. Apple can’t find the gap to compete. It’s just a big mistake apple ever decided. iPad mini won’t be successful. It will fail like Apple TV.

      1. There is a desperation in Edwards post… He knows in his heart Apple will devastate his beloved Android in the mini tablet format …. But he
        Must keep up the brave face and posting bravado..,, his mouth will be shut soon enough .

  4. Curiously, if the iPad petit dimensions are truly SD (4×3) v. HD (16×9), 7.85 v 7 inch diagonal, it is 3% wider (holding it wide), but 37% taller, with a 12% greater diagonal and more than 41% greater area.

    But of course, I used Apple’s Numbers to get this.

  5. This size and price point would be a good choice for schools; more affordable than a full size iPad, and large enough to be read from. Also a better fit for smaller hands.The mini may canabilize sales of full size iPads, but will only increase Apple’s presence in the education market.

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