‘iPad mini’ to give Apple control of key technology, 3-5 year advantage over would-be competitors

“The technology used in Apple’s hotly-anticipated ‘iPad mini’ will reportedly give the company a three to five year advantage over competitors, while the tablet itself is expected to protect against the emerging ‘midsize’ device market positioned between the dominant iPhone and 9.75-inch iPad,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“In a note to investors released on Friday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPad mini will be responsible for a major shift in market and industry trends, the most important being new demand for small form factor tablets and control of key technologies like the device’s GF DITO touchscreen,” Campbell reports.

“The iPad mini will offer the company a considerable leg up over competitors in terms of controlling key technology assets,” Campbell reports. “The 7.85-inch iPad is thought to be the first consumer product to employ ‘GF2’ touchscreen tech, which will allow the device to be 18 percent thinner than the current third-generation iPad. With Apple rumored to be rolling out GF2 in upcoming products, the company will be three to five years ahead of the competition as the technology is projected to become an industry leader for small form factor tablets.”

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  1. This is pointless nonsense by one of “analysts”.

    iPad will have “in-cell” touch screen — and display will be thinner indeed — but this is not going to be the first device with such technology, since iPhone 5 already has it.

  2. Unless it’s securely patented, Samsung will just duplicate it and take away Apple’s advantage. Everything Apple does gets duplicated to some degree and most consumers don’t care if another device’s tech is slightly inferior as long as it’s cheaper. Wall Street certainly believes that cheaper is the way to go and quality doesn’t matter. They say that higher quality eats up profits. So far, Wall Street doesn’t believe that Apple has any technical advantage in its products and in fact is claiming Apple is falling further behind. I guess this so-called tech advantage is just a matter of perception and nothing that’s concrete.

    Apple really needs to find a way to turn out products at a faster rate in order to stay ahead. Apple needs to build a number of fully-automated factories that don’t require human labor to produce a large number of products. Apple’s weakest point now is not being able to keep up with product demand and it’s killing shareholders.

    1. Wall Street knows fuck all about technology. If everyone believed what these morons prognosticate on, we’d all be driving a horse and buggy to work, doing our taxes with an abacus and drinking radium water as a health tonic.


    2. Yeah, Poor Apple, I’m sure they are crying… all the way to the bank!

      Churning out crap at a faster rate is Sammy’s Modus Operandi. Throw lots of crap on the market and see what sticks. Higher quality doesn’t eat up profits when you have the economy of scale that Apple enjoys. That’s why all these inferior “tablets” either sell at cost (Amazon) or at a loss (HP) or for more that the iPad (all the rest).

  3. I just read at Mac Rumors that the latest rumor has the iPad Mini starting at $329. I was thinking $249 would be nice but $299 would probably be where it will start. That seems a bit high. I guess it would certainly maintain Apple’s high margins but would be priced higher than competing 7 inch tablets. I’m going to guess that this rumor is wrong. I’m sticking with $299 for the base model iPad mini. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    1. Enough people are going to rush to get iPad minis that it’s not worth Apple taking a risky strategy just to make adoption rates faster. It will be $250 or less within a year of release, but first I expect Apple to use a higher margin price at first to pay back the initial costs of developing the iPad mini.

    1. The ads are all variable and customized for you. We are all looking at different ads on this page, but various Android and Samsung adds are plastered all over the internet, not just here.

          1. Anytime I see ads on someone else’s computer, I feel like they are have time traveled back to the web in the 90’s or something. I’ll insist on spending 30 seconds to install AdBlock on their browser of choice – and they always thank me for it after seeing it work. Installing Adblock is so ridiculously easy and so worth it, it’s amazing not everyone uses it on their own.

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