U.S. Immigration and Customs (ICE) dropping RIM BlackBerry and purchasing 17,000 Apple iPhones

“The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency plans to end its eight-year relationship with the BlackBerry in favor of iPhones, according to solicitation documents posted Friday,” Joseph Marks reports for Nextgov.

“ICE plans to purchase iPhones for more than 17,000 employees, according to the notice, which states that RIM’s technology can no longer meet the mobile technology needs of the agency,'” Marks reports. “Apple ultimately bested RIM based on market viability, according to a limited source justification, which describes RIM as ‘a distant fourth’ in the mobile devices market and says ‘firms with poor performing products or unsustainable business models will be removed from the marketplace.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now we need to start pulling out nails to make room for new one’s in DCW’s coffin.


  1. Not a question of why it took them so long, that they made the change ahead of many, many more hangers on is the important take away.

    Even more important is that no Android model was in the running.

      1. Right, and why supply toilet paper in the company rest rooms? The employees just steal it, anyway. Let ’em bring their own. Also, cap off the drinking fountains, and issue a stern warning to those who let their inkwells dry out.

  2. To all of our American friends, your Government is quietly mandating it’s departments to replace Canadian owned RIM products with those of American owned Apple Inc. In the world of international trade, this is referred as protectionism and is frowned upon around the globe. Playing this card against Canadian companies can prove to be a very poor decision for American citizens as trade wars are started this way. RIM products continue to be superior to those manufactured by Apple Inc. in terms of secure mobile communications hence there is no rhyme or reason for this change other than American protectionism.

    Cyber attacks will result in the US Government returning to RIM products with their tails between their legs. God be with you as you move along with your Apple devices.

    1. Rimster, are you aware that there are more people in California (alone) than in your entire country? You have every right to be proud of your nation in many respects . . . but make no mistake in believing that a “trade war” with us would do anything but drive your economy straight into the toilet. You cannot balance your entire budget on the back of your oil exports. (Congratulations on the growing strength of your dollar, by the way. Wish we could follow your path in that respect.)

      1. There are safeguards between Canada and the USA that prevent trade wars. Besides, the third party arbitrators usually side with America anyway.

        My concern is with the U.S. Immigration and Customs weenies having two holsters, one for the gun and one for the iPhone. I can see them trying to shoot illegal aliens with a phone or blowing their brains out trying to call for backup.

        We Canadians know U.S. Immigration and Customs weenies.

      2. Of course 30% of them are illegal aliens. But maybe the iPhone 5 will put a halt to all those illegal aliens coming into our country. But here in California, it’s too late.

  3. @CDA. Wow! I mean Wow!
    You go long on RIM. I’ll stay long on APPL.
    Put a fork in it pal. They’re done. And I’m sad to see such a great Canadian company fail so catastrophically

  4. Maybe now ICE will answer calls from Arizona sheriffs deputies trying to turn over illegal immigrants to them. Must have been bad Blackberry connections before, yeah, that’s why they wouldn’t respond.

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