Apple expected to double RAM in next iMac, Mac mini

“Apple will double its current built-to-order RAM configurations for the upcoming Mac minis, and perhaps the new iMacs according to sources familiar with the upcoming product releases,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The current version of the iMac includes four RAM slots, and Apple’s top RAM configuration is four 4GB chips for a total of 16GB of RAM,” Gurman reports. “The new iMac, however, will be sold with an options for 16GB of RAM across two chips (2 X 8GB) of RAM.”

Gurman reports, “Assuming that the new iMac retains 4 slots, users will be able to buy up to 32GB of iMac RAM from Apple. However, if not, it is still notable that Apple will be selling iMac RAM in pieces of 8GB chips for the first time.”

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  1. @ drz: well, you might not be impressed, but Apple investors have long wondered why Apple has been giving away the RAM market to OWC all these years. Every dollar that OWC makes from improvements to Apple configurations is a dollar that Apple could have earned. Historically, it has been univerally agreed that Apple has amongst the most anti-consumer RAM pricing and configuration.

    1. I never understood why Apple charges such a high premium for RAM. After all, Apple purchases RAM in such large quantities that it must receive deep discounts compared to OWC, Newegg, and other retailers. However, if it helps OWC and Newegg to make a little extra profit, then its all good. Because I rely on those two companies the most when I need aftermarket parts.

  2. 8 gigs of RAM…………….minimum
    2 USB 3.0 ports………….minimum
    2 Thunderbolt ports…….minimum
    1 FireWire 800 port…….minimum (for legacy hardware)
    500 gig SSD………………minimum
    Quad-core i7……………..optional

    Seriously, Apple, is this too much to ask?

    1. Seems like a reasonable list, although the large SSD should be flagged as “optional” rather than “minimum” since it will be rather costly. HDDs still offer the most bang for the buck for desktop use, like the iMac.

      In my experience, 4GB of RAM is still plenty for most current users running OS X. But I agree that new Macs should come with 8GB.

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