FBI’s Android security warning means Apple’s iPhone beats Android for BYOD enterprise

“Apple already leads the mobile enterprise with its iOS devices, and seems likely to consolidate its grip in the months ahead, with the security of its platforms giving the firm a sure grasp on hearts and minds in corporate IT, while its competitor gets named and shamed in an FBI warning,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple’s iPhone is winning in the enterprise markets precisely because it is seen as more secure, and on strength of its regular freely available and speedily installed software updates,” Evans writes. “That Apple chooses to curate apps made available via the App Store also adds a level of security to apps users may choose to download. That Apple has also created easy to comprehend controls to govern what information apps can access is another point in that platform’s favor. ”

Evans writes, “The frequency and ease with which Android devices can be jailbroken is another disadvantage for enterprise users, who demand consistent platforms in order to manage them within their infrastructures. Apple is not a traditional enterprise company, but its focus on best in class consumer devices has given it a huge advantage in the BYOD gravy train.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android is “open” in all the wrong ways while Apple’s iOS devices are open for business!

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    1. Why SHOULDN’T we ignore* the FBI warnings at the start of DVD and BR movies? We’ve already bought the damn things (and physical rentals are so last decade), we’ve done the “right” thing, don’t force those who follow the law to waste half a minute seconds sitting through that and other legal crap.

      * ignore as in pay no attention to it, chat with friends or switch to regular TV while it loads, not willfully violating it.

      1. Yes.. that is what I meant by ignore….but I have read that some willfully violate and copy. Can you believe?

        Anyway if I was Emperor of IT here where I work, I would ban all Androids LOL.

        1. You know, since I bought the disc I want to use it the way I see fit so I immediately run it through Mac The Ripper and DVD2One, saving the final output as “movie only”, which eliminates all the FBI warnings, endless previews that you can’t fast forward over, unwanted “deleted scenes” and other crapola. All I want is the movie. Load it in the player and it begins. Easy peasy.

  1. IT managers and professionals are not “people” in that their jobs and reputations depend on making the right decisions to protect the integrity of their networks and servers. This FBI warning will certainly have a negative effect with regards to Android’s perceived security within a corp network.

    This is different than the Microsoft / Apple decisions of old….. Apple is actually the “Microsoft” of Mobile computing as far as adoption…. The new saying will be…. “No one every got fired buying Apple mobile computing products”.

    1. Great point! Maybe when “Corp IT” wakes up and finally sees that all this happens in OS X also, there will be an avalanche of Mac sales into the enterprise.

  2. Android is clearly dangerous specifically because it is ‘open’ to malware. Therefore, banning it in the workplace, if the devices can access the company’s LAN, is inevitable. It doesn’t take an Android hater to know this is the case.

    But as per usual, I expect even the US federal government is to dimwitted to realize the dangers posed by Android. There will be LOTS Android insecurity ramifications in store…

    PITA as Apple’s vetting system can be, it’s profoundly better than any current alternatives. I like it that way. 😀

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