Cases for ‘7.85-inch iPad Mini’ now available for sale

“While Apple Inc. component suppliers have started producing a tablet device smaller than the current iPad, makers of protective cases for Apple products are also preparing for the launch of what they refer to as the ‘iPad Mini,'” Juro Osawa reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A search on, China’s biggest business-to-business e-commerce site, turns up many postings of ‘iPad Mini’ cases in various colors and materials,” Osawa reports. “Some of the postings even say the cases are for ‘iPad Mini 7.85-inch tablet.'”

Osawa reports, “Ahead of every new product launch by Apple, usually becomes the trading platform for cases purportedly made for the upcoming Apple product.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Surprise ????? Is this your first visit to this forum? If the mini’s secret was:

      theatomic bomb the Japanese would had a fighting chance…..
      espionage would be futile….
      And Sanders would be broke!!!!

    2. You’re right. Those case makers really ruined the surprise of the iPhone 5 release last year. I mean, they had their new teardrop shaped cases leaked and available for purchase before Apple even had a chance to announce it.

      I’m pretty sure that is the sole reason Apple released the iPhone 4S instead. Then again, maybe not… 😐

  1. I DON’T BELIEVE THAT there is a mini iPad, until a see it. Of course, I didn’t believe that apple was making a phone, I thought it was a ridiculous idea and boy how wrong was I. How ever since Jobs bashes the 7″ tablets so much and Basicly said Apple would never do such a device because it doesn’t work, it’s too small I don’t believe the iPad mini until Apple announce something.

    7,85″ that’s not that mini.

    Anyway know people that have talked about wanting a bigger iPad than the Big iPad because its not really sufficient to read on.

  2. Perhaps they are made on speculation. It may be worth taking the risk, just to be one of the first cases to hit the market. People will pretty much buy anything to protect their Apple products when there are few choices.

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