PC Magazine reviews Apple iPod nano (7th gen): ‘beautifully crafted,much-improved player, easily our Editors’ Choice’

“With its latest model, Apple has finally fixed the iPod nano. The 5th- and 6th-generation MP3 players were a radical rethink that didn’t work all that well; Apple tossed the click wheel design that the first four nano generations used, and replaced it with a tiny, square screen that was too small to view or control comfortably,” Jamie Lendino reports for PC Magazine.

“The 7th-generation nano fixes this problem with another full-scale redesign that includes a larger, sharper touch screen. It’s also feather light, yet sturdy feeling, has an improved interface, and comes with better-sounding Apple EarPods $29.00 at Apple Store,” Lendino reports. “It’s a beautifully crafted and much-improved player, and easily recaptures our Editors’ Choice.”

Advertisement: The new iPod nano (7th Gen) starts at $147 while iPod nano blowouts start at $120.90 with Free Shipping.

Lendino reports, “All told, if you’re looking for a top-notch MP3 player with a great design, plenty of flash storage, and an oversized color touch screen, and you have the means, the iPod nano reigns supreme once again.”

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    1. Yes please.
      Apple store app says “ships in two weeks” for me…

      I want one, ill grab the first slate nano I find anywhere.

      But I disagree with their bash of the 5-6 gen nano… I love mine.

  1. I agree with an article I read that says that the need to tether this to a physical computer for the tunes/podcasts is an increasingly archaic thing. – and sometimes that physical computer doesn’t necessarily have the tunes on it, rendering some playlists blank until you download them, then sync. Adding Bluetooth was a good thing. Now need to get wifi on it for podcasts/tunes.

    1. I’m on the other side of the fence. We have our own servers, we know how to manage our music collections [which are at a fidelity much higher than Apple sells].

      We don’t want or need to be tethered to the internet for whatever instant gratification activities Apple and others will love to sell us. That makes sense for iPads and iPhones and other always-online devices. for a simple music player like an iPod, it is VERY refreshing to see Apple keep it simple.

      If like most of us you already have music files, you don’t need anybody’s “cloud” server farm. Synching to our iTunes server is easy and painless. One has to charge iDevices anyway, and it takes no practically no time at all if you do it over lunch, client meeting, while you are sleeping, whatever.

      1. Well the addition of a wifi feature would not remove the option to do it the “old-fashioned” way. It might add a cost of course. But in many non-exotic scenarios the internet option is very useful – for example, on the road when you want a new podcast and you are not at your main computer. Plus your library becomes your entire library too, you’re at work or at a wi-fi enabled coffee shop, book store, office you’re in the mood for that song you wouldn’t normally put on your short list. I can’t say enough how having my whole library available to me at all times has changed my listening habits.

        1. That all depends on how big your library is. Mine currently stands at 114Gb, 320Kb files. iTunes Match can’t accommodate that much music, and it re-samples to 256Kb. Plus it costs me money I’d rather spend on more new music or concert tickets.
          Not sure how I’m going to manage when my 160Gb Classic’s full up…

  2. Any one think the new Lumia phones look like Apple’s iPods? At leats that was what I was thinking when I saw it. The form and the distinct colours resembles the iPod lineup allot. I’m an Apple fan but the design of the Lumia is really great.

  3. Garbage! (7th nano) The 6th was onto brilliance. The addition of the huge home button is the meaning of un innovative! The addition of Bluetooth is the only pro. Videos… On a nano. Stupid! Nano is for mobility! I wanted a removable clip. Retina screen & Bluetooth. YES a watch. With 8gb storage only! It could easily go from watch to gym clip. Paired with the iPhone = received calls you view a name/ number and a red/green button. Green = out of pocket/purse or Bluetooth headset. How about iPhone music control. Or let’s say u leave your iPhone on table/ in car. Watch vibrates/ makes noise. How about controlling a keynote presentation from your watch! Add a mic, For Siri integration (paired iphone required) This is no nano nor the iwatch. This is a iPod touch mini! More than what we wanted. We have mp3 and better video on our phones. Or for not much more our real iPod touch! Consider the ball dropped!

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