Eric Schmidt: ‘Android-Apple platform fight is the defining fight in the industry today’

“The fight between Google and Apple over mobile devices is great for consumers, but the patent wars that have resulted are awful, said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, in conversation tonight with our own Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher,” Liz Gannes reports for AllThingsD. “‘The Android-Apple platform fight is the defining fight in the industry today,’ he said.”

“As for patent battles, Schmidt said he couldn’t talk about them for two reasons. First, he said, he doesn’t understand all the details; and second, the topic makes him too upset,” Gannes reports. ““These patent wars are death,” Schmidt said, noting that software is always overlapping and there are an estimated 200,000 patents covering the software industry.”

Gannes reports, “Will Google make a new maps app for Apple devices? Schmidt gave the same non-answer he has given before. ‘I don’t want to pre-announce products, but I can tell you that were we to do that Apple would have to approve it,’ he said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Delusional mole. One of Steve Jobs’ biggest mistakes was trusting you. You can take your maps and put them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. I wonder why these interviewers don’t ask the hardball question when they interview Eric “the mole” Schmidt?

    I would love for them to ask “considering that Steve Jobs accused you of stealing Apple’s intellectual property, don’t you think that perhaps you and by extension Google, have a bog hand in the start of these patent wars? Do you think there would have been less of a “war” if you didn’t steal Apple’s IP?”

    Think he would answer or just walk off stage?


    1. Yes, I think we’d all like to see that question asked. Especially since Walt is generally in Apple’s pocket. Apple has owned him forever. He knew where his bread was buttered in the past. But you’re right, Eric the mole would probably just walk off the stage. I’d pay good money to see that.

      1. For years Walt recommended Windows PCs over Macs. It started shortly after Windows 95 was released and began to end when the first iMacs started to gain momentum.

        Walt looks at all the competition and recommends what works.

        He’s a fan of Windows 7. Windows 8, notsomuch.

      1. Since when are butt, bitch and ass foul language, context or not?

        Butt has many meanings. Ask any kid what hurts when they slip and fall on their back-side.

        Bitch, we all know, is a female dog.

        Ass, we all have one. A donkey, by any other name is an ass.

        1. You are right. All these words are in our language but the context they are used in are something that is not part of polite society. If you want discussions about Apple, this is the place for it and if you want to discuss things of the gutter then that is where you should discuss them.

          1. I can respect your thoughts on what is “respectful”, but some of the most intelligent, respected, and articulate people I know are still wont to dropping the “F bomb” for emphasis – even in “professional” settings.

            Sometimes, nothing else will really get across a point with the same emotional impact. The fact that it bothers you is exactly the reason why it is effective from a psychological standpoint – it makes people take notice, even if their reaction is like yours.

            Someone who uses profanity in every single sentence does tend to make people not take them very seriously, but when used properly (I’m sure you don’t think there *is* a proper use) I personally think it is very effective. 🙂

            1. Yes, I agree that it can be effective if used sparingly and thoughtfully. Even I use the odd word for effect but no more than once a month. There are some on this site who can’t seem to post a thought without using rough language. BLN is a frequent poster who struggles to express himself without using rough language.

      1. Yep, and in addition to “the mole”, Bill Gates and Craig Mundie of MS are regular attendees as well. Charlie Rose also appears to attend Bilderberg regularly.

  2. Or ask… Mr Schmidt, considering that other companies have managed to release products that don’t infringe on Apple’s IP and also look decidedly different, why is it that Google persists with this confrontational copying approach?

  3. I always find it interesting that the Fandroid crowd (Eric the mole included) pitch the battle as “Apple versus Android” (a manufacturer versus on operating system) rather than “Apple versus Google” or “iOS versus Android”.

    The clear intent is to make Apple the bad guy beating up on an operating system that is supported by the entire world.

    1. It’s an interesting approach. I’m sure the research shows the “Apple as patent monster” message is getting some traction so they keep at it. But I think it’s a small portion of the public that will ever really buy that message, and they’re not mainstream consumers.

      As the Samsung trial proves, and we all intuitively know: the public sees Apple as an innovator (that’s been their M.O. for decades — hard to attack them on that). If anyone should be using patents to stop competitors from copying, it would be Apple.

      Ultimately, Google’s continued attacks on Apple for suing over patents simply bolsters existing public perceptions: Apple invents cool stuff first.

  4. What a loser. And to say that it makes him angry when talking about patent battles. You picked a fight with Apple, so no need to get angry. If Steve Jobs were in front of your face, I would love him see him rip you to shreds and put you in your place. Go to hell Schmidt and that loser Page who is now CEO, such a lame dumbass to take the helm, when you are still running the show.

  5. Eric Schmidt is a blowhard touting his own products and using All Things D to do so. He is Google’s salesman. The issue is one of profits and markets. Apple is worth almost three times Google and that is who is winning. Apple makes more profit than Google. That is who is winning. Android is not a platform, it is many different platforms with different capabilities and deficiencies. About 1-2% of those using the most modern Android platform compares to iOS 5 and 6 advanced platforms. Google’s model is based upon sales and Schmidt is their salesman. When he is on All Things D or any other public forum, he is pitching to his advertisers. Why anyone else listens to his “opinion, i.e., sales pitch is beyond my understanding. By the way, out of which part of his ass is he pulling those numbers?

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