Microsoft to open ‘pop-up’ stores for Surface tablets Oct. 26, battle Apple at 29 locations

“Microsoft’s temporary, or “pop-up,” stores will open Oct. 26 and will sell the Surface tablet, according to the company’s website,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“And in all but a few cases, Microsoft will go toe-to-toe with Apple: 29 of the 32 stores are located in the same mall or shopping center that houses an Apple retail store,” Keizer reports. “The 32 stores in the U.S. and Canada were first announced last month. The temporary outlets will be open only during the holiday season, and are not permanent locations like the two-dozen brick-and-mortar Microsoft retail stores already in operation. Although Microsoft has not come out and put it plainly, it looks like the pop-ups will push the Surface tablet; each of the 32 stores’ detailed pages highlight the Windows RT-based device.”

Keizer reports, “The biggest unanswered question about the Surface RT tablet is its price; Microsoft has not yet revealed that, although CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted at numbers between $300 and $800… Ballmer also promised that Microsoft would unveil pricing before the Oct. 26 ship date, but would not say how long before. It could be as late as a day earlier, as Microsoft has set a New York City launch event for Oct. 25.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Temporary kiosks selling an untested tablet with no ecosystem from the company that brought the world the Kin – and then promptly discontinued it 48 days later.

Buy with confidence now, ya hear?!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Frank Boecherer” for the heads up.]


    1. I can’t wait to see the interview with Ballmer after Christmas where he states that they have 20-25% of the “high end” market like he did when they rolled out the Zune.

      1. Microsoft is going to set up a food cart filled with tablets right in front of the Apple Cube Store at 59th Street and start selling those ZunePads to people waiting on the line to buy the iPad Mini. Wall Street will surely applaud Microsoft for the effort.

  1. I actually feel sorry for those ignorant enough to buy this pos. The writing is on the wall but it will be frusturating spending the next many years watching MS dies a painful death. Death simply cant come quickly enough. Same goes for HP, Dell. It pains me to no end I have to use a Dell windows crapbox for work.

    1. I’m sure there will be well meaning people looking for that perfect gift for christmas and not knowing any better but thinking a tablet is a tablet. Unfortunately we all know that when they say “tablet” they mean iPad. There is no substitute!

    2. Patience my son. Our time will come. Younger people will be filtering into leadership positions in the IT departments. Mac’s will eventually be the norm not Windows machines. It will just take a little more time. Give it 5 to 7 years and you will be amazed at what will happen. The cream will eventually come to the top.

      1. You’re completely right. It is already happening. I’m beginning to see it more and more as I visit various Fortune 500s – many of which are beginning to forbid Android devices for their “BYOD” programs as there are too many potential security issues.

        1. I accidentally posted before I was finished with my thought (multitasking).

          As time goes on, I am seeing more and more MacBook Pros and Airs (a surprisingly large number of Airs!) in these companies. In talking to people, these are generally not issued by the company, but the users have begged and pleaded to be able to bring them in and use them. Yes, these users are BUYING their own hardware to bring to work. AND, in speaking with CIOs and directors at these companies, they are FINALLY discovering that there is virtually no support required.

          The writing is on the wall. It will still be some years yet, but change is coming…

          1. It will never happen and not sure where people as seeing Macs entering enterprise or business but certainly not in the City I live in. Windows is the norm and will always be the norm by which companies IT rolls. iSheeps are just too funny! They actually write and believe this crap! Wow!

            Move on nothing to see here except the usual brainwashed iSheeps playing make believe.

    3. As a Mac user for over 30 years I certainly have no love for Windows, Dell or HP. I have always understood the better system and hardware provided by Apple. It’s what I’ve used to make my living so I had better understand what works best. But there are hard-working Americans working at these companies so I can’t say that I really want them to go under. Yes, even evil Google! I wouldn’t want to see people lose a way to make a living in good times certainly not in these bad economic times. You can’t always choose who you work for when you have to support yourself or a family. You do the best you can. I understand that the small number of fanboys on the site couldn’t care less but I think that most people do care. While it’s fun to poke fun at your competitor whether it be sports or your favorite computer or operating system, it’s not fun when somebody can’t make a living. Competition makes one better, in all facets of life. I would hope that these companies survive and provide a good product. Apple isn’t going anywhere so I’m not really worried about them. There is room for more than one computer/software maker out there. I can make money (hopefully) in AAPL no matter it’s size. But Apple’s competitors provide good,well paying jobs for Americans and jobs overseas for the underprivileged. So I would never wish that anyone lose their ability to provide for themselves and their family. There is enough pie to go around.

      1. Don’t worry: the market has a size: X = PC MAC.

        When we say we want dell/HP/others to go under, we are saying we at frustrated with the WinPC. We want X = MAC.

        The market is unlikely to shrink. So we would hope that no one goes unemployed, just change employers.

        Best wishes and good luck

      2. Right on. As Steve Jobs said, “Microsoft doesn’t need to fail for Apple to succeed.”

        I really don’t see Microsoft selling too many of these, especially with an Apple Store full of iPads within walking distance.

    1. It will. This November 6th.

      “Bewildered and lost without his teleprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage last night. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant. It was like he had been called in front of the principal after goofing around for four years and blowing off all his homework.” — Charles Hurt, Oct. 3, 2012

      I can’t wait for the V.P. “debate!” It’ll make Romney vs. The Empty Suit look like a fair fight.

      I told you people: President Romney and Vice President Ryan. Get used to it.

      🙂 Have a great day!

      1. And when Romney and Ryan repeal Obamacare what do you propose my wife (with a disqualifying pre-existing condition) does about health care insurance? She can’t get health care at all now from any company, at any price. Under Obamacare, in 2014 she’ll be able to get insurance, but not if Romney and Ryan repeal it. So what, exactly, do you propose we do in that case? Just wait for her to get sick so we can go broke? How about a serious answer?

          1. It’s extremely easy to sit at your keyboard and be flippant with someone else’s life. As long as you’re not touched by misfortune you’re a rugged individualist and a staunch Republican. I’ll bet you’re one that rials against Obamacare’s supposed “Death Panels” populated by government bureaucrats. Well, I can testify that the “Death Panels” are already in place and populated by corporate accountants. My wife is being denied health coverage AT ANY PRICE because the insurance companies don’t think they can make a profit on her. She’s supposed to just quietly die without complaining, because that’s the way we do things in our “Free Enterprise” America. When you’re the one left out in the cold to die someday (and I truly hope you are) think back to your callous and inhumane response here.

            1. One more thought, if I am “left out in the cold to die” as you “truly hope” I am, I’d certainly never post post my plight on a public tech forum in a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy. I retract my previous statement, you aren’t a man.

      2. Ah, you’ve returned – been a while.

        Yes I agree with you, Romney did win the debate.

        As an independent voter, I usually vote for the best person in the race. This year I’m not voting for Obama but I will be voting against the Republicans. As an independent voter, I am so, so tired of hearing the Republicans whine about this and that – you and Ron (another? poster on MDN) are perfect examples. Instead of trying to move the country forward, the Republican party has done all that it can to “hurt” the other side. Wasn’t it Mitch McConnell who said the goal of the Republican party is to make sure that Obama is a one term president? Reminds me of a whining little school kid who has his toy taken a way. I suppose you too want the government to keep it’s greedy hands out of your social security. Idiots! Besides, look at the MDN posts over the four years and see which side has started the name calling in the threads. 75% of the time or greater, the thread was trying to be hijacked by someone supporting the Republicans. And until today, I’ve just skipped over whatever you posted.

        So congratulations to you, Ron, and all of the other extreme right-wingers! Because of YOU, a true RINO by the way – I am voting Democratic all through the ballot this year.

        Have a nice day. Now go kiss (B)(R)ush’s ass.

      3. Obama is back on campaign stop, surrounded by cheering crowds and guess what he found his mojo (tele prompter) again and running us mouth against Rommney.

        What a coward, bad mouthing Romney behind his back he can, but he couldn’t even look Romney in the eye yesterday.

        This sock puppet can’t even form a coherent thought without a Tele prompter feeding him every word.

        Obama staggers like an idiot with no teleprompter:

  2. Reminds of snake oil mountebanks, blowing into town for a quick kill and disappearing under the cover of darkness.

    On the “surface,” this seems the same approach.

  3. Here’s hoping Microsoft invites that Machine Gun Kelly fellow to a few of these pop-up shops.

    “F@ck these… um, yo – what the f@ck ARE these stupid ass things anyway?!”

    1. That was so dumb of them. I was actually embarrassed FOR them when I saw that little twerp. Who the fuck thought that hiring a joke like that would do anything to bolster sales?!? Who are they trying to appeal to- the retarded wigger rap fans? People should have gotten fired.

  4. I would be embarrassed to work those kiosk shack in front of an Apple store. If I’m super desperate for money or being punished by my family, then thats the only way I would work there.

  5. This kinda reminds me of those traveling gypsies that come to your door wanting to repave your driveway or repair your roof: Take your money and run.

    I just envisioned Steve Ballmer in gypsy garb. He’d actually look quite natural.

  6. I don’t get…how many fails should M$ suffer? one for each inhabitant Bozo there?

    Gee, get oover it M$. Find a new battlefield before you run out of money…you are already bleeding from bad acquisitions, crappy products,…maybe, just maybe, you could create something entirely new instead of trying to duplicate Apple’s strategy…

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