Here’s the Apple licensing deal that Samsung rejected

“Apple proposed a reciprocal agreement regarding cross-licensing patents to Samsung in the months before their August patent trial in San Jose, California, according to a court filing. However, the two smartphone rivals failed to agree on terms acceptable to both and talks eventually broke down,” Aabha Rathee reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“Apple’s intellectual-property licensing director, Boris Teskler, sent the details of the proposed deal to his counterpart at Samsung, Seongwoo Kim, in a three-page letter on April 30, CNET said,” Rathee reports. “Teskler offered to license to Samsung its Universal Mobile Telecommunications System patents on nondiscriminatory FRAND terms and estimated the payment to be 33 cents per device. That was on the condition that Samsung ‘reciprocally [agreed] to this same, common royalty base, and same methodological approach to royalty rate, in licensing its declared-essential patents to Apple.’ The iPhone maker proposed that the rate apply to all Samsung units that it had not otherwise licensed and vice versa… it’s not clear if Samsung responded to the offer.”

Rathee reports, “Apple had also offered a patent licensing deal to Samsung in 2010 at the rate of $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet. The latest letter was made public after U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh rejected the two companies’ request to keep the case documents sealed.”

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  1. Samsung and their army of iHaters are busy trying to rewrite history. This kind of evidence should shut them up, but I’m afraid that would be impossible. They are too stupid to comprehend what they read.

  2. This would of only made sense if Samsung had agreed that they were infringing and I guess they do not think that they are hence why they did not agree to pad Apple’s pockets.

    Court ruling aside as it will never amount to anything, I think that what we are hearing today will happen sooner than later. Apple will no longer even use a screw made by Samsung and Samsung will in turn move to Windows Phone and maybe even RIM’s QNX OS10. The other option is that they put the pedal to the metal and push out their own OS which they already have in development.

    2013 and beyond will be fun to watch provided that the World does no end up in a serious recession.

    1. It appears that you’ve written three paragraphs on something; however, I’m afraid they aren’t legible. Can you write something other than in irrational font?

      1. @krquet-

        Dipsh*t doesn’t have to write anything rational or credible in his posts- he gets paid by the word by Scamscum. In fact, the more long-winded, irrational and rambling the better- means more $$ !

    2. Dude, the article was about Apple’s UTMS Standard Essential Patents! Samsung is just as required to pay Apple for its SEPs as Apple is required to pay Samsung for its SEPs. It has nothing to do with “infringement”. Are you that daft?

      You have no clue if you think Samsung will “move to Windows Phone” or QNX. Of course, they’ll offer a WinPhone, but they know WinPhone is dead.

      As for their own OS, it’s not just in development, they’ve been selling it for two years! Are you sure you’re Korean?

    3. Yeah, it would be fun to watch Samsung try to design software, but Korean’s simply can’t design for western markets and sensitivities.

      Culturally, their nation still has not yet advanced to a point where people are encouraged to think freely. If the native Korean designers produce Samsung’s software, they still will copy Apple’s iOS interface, from the screen organization to the finger gestures and right on down to the icons. It’s one thing to design and produce a circuit board that no one ever sees or uses, but quite another to create an interface that people hold, touch, interpret and control.

      Just thinking about Samsung’s old cellular phone software prior to the iPhone makes me want to throw up.

      1. Well spoken KenC & HD Boy. Good points about a Korean home grown OS. You two took the words right out of my mouth. If Koreans could have they would have done it a long time ago. There are Korean copies/ alternatives to almost everything else out there.

  3. Off topic but…
    Samsung must have spent BILLIONS on marketing recently. Every single commercial break I’m bombarded with shit samsung commercials… Mostly the GS3 but the tablet pops up every now and then too. I’m seeing samsung commercials almost 10x as much as Apple. Really really really pissing me off.

  4. …”Apple had also offered a patent licensing deal to Samsung in 2010 at the rate of $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet.”
    Wow. At those rates, assuming Apple has so far paid nothing for lack of an agreement, that’s a few billion they will have to pay, just to Samsung.
    Can those figures be right?

    1. No, you got that backwards. This is Apple asking Samsung to pay in return for a license to Apple’s technology. I believe the total for the devices covered by the court decision is about $500 mill, which would be much less than what the jury awarded Apple.

  5. Hey Samsung: Stupid much? Look at what you have to pay out now…

    Thank you Apple for offering a sane alternative solution to larceny. What a pity that Samsung was too too stupid and too bombastically defensive of their blatant crimes to join you.

    Come on anonymous coward Samsung paid trolls! How are you going to defend this dumbass Samsung move? Make me laugh! 😛

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