What Apple’s ‘iPad mini’ means for investors

“If you needed anymore proof that an iPad Mini exists, you’re about to get it,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet.

“Apple is reportedly getting ready to announce its iPad Mini soon. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s Asian suppliers have started production on the 7.85-inch tablet, which is rumored to be announced later this month,” Ciaccia writes. “Apple may send out invitations as soon as Oct. 10 for the event, with the actual announcement coming Oct. 17.”

Ciaccia writes, “It could be big for investors, said Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu. ‘Like other products, lower price points tend to drive sales. An iPad Mini we think would likely drive incremental iPad buyers,’ Wu said in a phone interview with TheStreet. ‘There’s going to be some cannibalism of iPad sales, but we think it makes a lot of sense.’ Wu rated Apple shares buy with price target of $840.”

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  1. I love my iPhone 5 optimized for it’s intended and desirable phone size and the need for anything bigger is satiated by a small and large iPad. Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers can only go so far with a larger phone size before it gets ludicrous if it hasn’t already. I gaze in wonder and ultra high chewing satisfaction at my iP5 and love it. Could hardly be more perfect and Maps will only get better for those areas it needs to improve on. No one has actually said that Maps is accurate and useful over a given percentage (probably very high already) to give us a more accurate appraisal of how capable it is. But people love to beat up the market leader whenever given the slightest excuse.

    1. I think I’ll stick with my iPhone 4S a little longer and buy the iPad mini and use that as my new large screen iPhone companion so to speak.

      It’ll be perfect for my needs – pocketable and can be mounted on the dash as a navigation tool using Apple maps or whip it out of my jacket pocket when commuting.

      Brings new meaning to a personal computing device that’s not crippled by an overly small screen size.

      1. Because many of us need glasses or contacts anyways, the iPhone with retina display is perfect as a pocketable internet device and app display. Perhaps BLN could get glasses rather than overly long thumbs.

            1. You don’t wear jackets to work? Or carry a messenger bag with you at all times? Why is pocketable only defined as fitting in a pants pocket? And fitting in the pockets of a lab coat isn’t pocketable in your opinion?

              The iPad mini isn’t defined for one handed use. That would be the iPhone. It’s defined for two handed use because you’re not using it as a phone but as a pocketable tablet. Or a tablet that’s dash mountable for mapping aids.

              As for vapor, I’ll wait for the 10th of this month.

            2. No need to live up to your name, nutcracker. BLN’s approach sounds perfectly reasonable. The iPhone 4S is still a great smartphone, and he plans to supplement it with an iPad mini. Sounds like a great approach to me. The iPad mini is the perfect size for a dockable maps and media product for automobiles.

            3. You watch, clothing designers will make bigger pockets.
              Why fight it? What’s the point? If it’s not for you, don’t buy one. The point is to put OS 6 in as many consumers hands as possible, and when Apple goes into search and advertising more, they will have a huge market and that is what counts. When that happens Google stock plummets.

            4. Who is fighting it? That is like fighting the air. There is no small iPad. The only stock to plummet will be AAPL when everyone is disappointed that none is forthcoming. Apple doesn’t follow the market, it makes the market follow it. Just because there are junky small tablets out there, AAPL will not copy them. Apple makes beautiful well designed products that delight people. They are not Samsung.

  2. Despite Apple’s silence and previous denials, I’m pretty sure that Apple has had a working ‘iPad Mini’ prototype for some time now. If Apple decides to release such a device, it would be for strategic reasons (a weapon against patent infringers, to cannibalize their product sales). While I don’t see a need for an iPad Mini myself, being quite content with using an iPhone, there are others who do see a need, so it should be popular .

  3. another Apple TV failure all over again. I am sure. apple can’t affect on 7 inch market. time is changed. android is also changed a lot. it is already dominating market. apple made a big mistake.

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