Like the late Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing everyday

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down last week with TODAY’s Matt Lauer for his first television interview since the social network’s IPO,” Rosa Golijan reports for Digital Life. “‘I mean, I wear the same thing every day, right? I mean, it’s literally, if you could see my closet,’ Zuckerberg starts to explain, as Lauer asks if he owns 12 of the same gray t-shirt. ‘Maybe about 20,’ Zuckerberg admits.”

“While Zuckerberg’s words don’t seem entirely appropriate in the presence of Lauer — who has found himself on more than one ‘best dressed’ list — they do fit in with the unchanging attire maintained by some other tech leaders and executives, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (black turtlenecks, Levi’s 501 jeans) and his successor, Tim Cook (dark, long-sleeved button ups), to name a few,” Golijan reports. “Lauer couldn’t resist nudging Zuckerberg about the iPhone 5. ‘It’s a wonderful device,’ the CEO said, after admitting that Cook sent him the new iPhone model, gratis.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Steve Jobs didn’t wear “turtlenecks.” Steve Jobs wore black mock turtlenecks that were created specifically for him by Japanese designer Issey Miyake.


      1. Or: The Dukes of Hazzard, All in the Family, Matlock, etc …

        Three things people never do according to TV:

        1. Change clothes (at least before 1990)
        2. Wear seatbelts
        3. Say ‘Goodbye’ before hanging up a phone

  1. The headline should read “every day”, not “everyday.” The two are not interchangeable.

    “He wore a black shirt every day.”
    “Seeing him in a black shirt was an everyday occurrence.”

    It’s depressing how often this mistake is made.

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