Machine Gun Kelly, rapper, ‘entertains’ at Microsoft retail store by stomping on PC laptops, flipping off attendees

“Before today, many people might never have heard of the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. In fact, some might not have even heard of Microsoft stores,” Andres Jauregui reports for The Huffington Post. “But following what might prove to be an expensive debacle at an Atlanta, Ga., mall, chances are that the two entities will be forever linked, albeit in the footnotes of tech retail history.”

“Machine Gun Kelly played a raucous gig at the Microsoft store at Lenox Square Mall on Friday, but organizers got way more than they bargained for,” Jauregui reports. “During his performance of “Hold On (Shut up),” MGK hopped up on display tables that had several laptop computers on them and began stomping around and swearing.”

“‘Fuck these computers and shit. MGK’s in this bitch,’ the rapper says in the video below. While the behavior is nothing surprising at a rap show, it appears that the Microsoft store wasn’t prepared for it,” Jauregui reports. “In videos of the incident, which were shot from several different angles, the 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker, can be seen tossing a promotional sign and drawing the ire of Microsoft store employees. A camera even captured the rapper flipping off a woman in the crowd.”

WARNING, NSFW: Contains explicit language and gestures:

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally someone found a good use for Windows craptops: Wiping your feet on them. When closed, most of them look like bathroom scales anyway, so maybe Machine Gun was just trying to see how his diet’s going?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Double07” for the heads up.]


    1. I wonder if he can rap…. Developers! Developers! Developers! with something while he is ranting…. Oh wait, someone else has already done that.

      Just a rapping thought.

      1. But Eminem is actually talented (so is Kanye but has become a complete unmitigated ass)
        Machine Gun Kelly isn’t talented is a total asshole and has an ego the size of Kanye’s (without the actual accomplishments) He was a perfect fit for MS, I think.

        1. Hey asshole, for one if you actually watch MGK’s interviews he is extremely down to earth. Or if you’re lucky and get to meet him like me you will also see he doesn’t have a huge ego. So If I were you I wouldn’t judge people on videos and such. Actually get to know them.
          And for two: he is extrememly talented. I’m sorry if he doesn’t rap about sex, money, hoes and bitches, or gangs and whatever else these shit hole other rappers make music about. His shit is about his life and struggles. Just like some other rapper I know. I think Eminem, no wait I know it’s Em, so do you. So next time you decide to be a prick and judge someone off of videos and shit, don’t because it only makes you look stupid.

      2. and did you forget how that commercial went?

        “this is the motor city, and this is what we do” thats ALL he said….

        watch it again if you have too. he’s not rapping in the video, he’s driving the car… while someone else speaks… Eminem has 1 line at the end.

      3. Chrysler also was not hiring Eminem for a live event. It could tightly control what he said or did, and not pay him if he refused to perform as contracted. Plus, Eminem has huge pride in being from Detroit, so it was an opportunity for him to support and show love for his hometown.

        1. Agreed. I think there are mature adults and dummies in every industry. Microsoft took a big risk, but thats what you have to do when your down. When football teams are loosing they throw deep passes and when they are winning they run the ball. Microsoft needs a Hail Mary.

  1. Classic! Microsoft needs a performance to have people walk into their stores, and it backfired on them. At Apple, people go into their stores for the products (weird concept – huh, Microsoft), not for a show.

  2. What we’ve all just witnessed is what happens when a Windoze sufferer suddenly wakes up from their Stockholm Syndrome, surrounded by his oppressors.

    Not a pretty sight!

  3. I’d be pissed if Apple had invited that dude to “sing” at their store! Especially if I had my kids with me!!! Typical for Microsoft though…

    1. I think this guy is a perfect example of a windows sufferer. I know I feel like screaming “f*ck these computers and sh*t” when I’m stuck using windows for a long enough stretch of time!

    2. Did you hear the kids crying after everything was shut off? Probably much too loud/crazy for them. If I was dumb enough to set foot in a MS store I’d have stepped right out.

      1. he’s 22 just looked it up. didn’t see anything about him being a radio guy.

        although the “real” machine gun kelly was a mobster back in the 30-40’s. it’s what came up first when I searched.

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