Google said to unveil $99 Nexus 7 tablet this year, say sources

“Google is reportedly making two new versions of the Nexus 7 that are expected to be thinner, and will use TN panels made by Taiwan-based panel maker HannStar Display, according to industry sources,” Julian Ho and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“One of the models will be priced at US$199 while the other will be priced US$99, and both models are expected to hit markets by the end of 2012, added the sources.,” Ho and Wolfgram report. “The sources speculated that Google is preparing for increased competition from Apple when the reported 7.85-inch iPad is released in the fourth quarter of 2012…”

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    1. Google will be Apple’s nemesis for years to come. Stock price aside, Google is very much loved around the World albeit not the most sincere company out there they are nonetheless quite a great American success story as is Apple, Microsoft, Intel and others of course.

      1. “Very much loved around the world”?

        A few years ago, saying anything against Google was seemingly forbidden. And now it’s common place. Today people write whole articles questioning whether Google is really the benevolent philanthropist it claims to be, or flat-out declaring that it’s not.

        It isn’t really loved by anyone anymore aside from idealistic neckbeards and tech journalists catering to idealistic neckbeards.

        Getting into the hardware game has been a horrible mistake for Google so far and at some point they’re doing to be faced with a choice: get out of it or die. And I don’t think their hubris will allow them to get out.

    2. They sell the current Nexus7 at Fred Meyer by my house.

      Only one problem – its sitting right next to the ipad2 and after looking at both the price gap didn’t strike me as that much considering how much better the iPad2 is.

      I literally thought the nexus felt great until I played with the iPad. No comparison.The ipad2 seemed like a better deal

  1. It’s a strategy to undermine Apple.

    What a company does is that it attacks its opponent on their turf, by selling product at cost. Of course, the goal isn’t to sell a lot, as that would be a waste, but to force your opponent to lower their prices to match, thus hurting their profits in one of their main product lines. Of course for the attacker, it has little effect on its own profits, since it’s such an inconsequential product for them.

    So, Google attacks Apple. It’s a low-risk attack as they make nothing on their mobile device strategy. Apple makes a ton. By trying to force Apple to lower prices, they may reduce Apple’s profit. thus hurting Apple. Very common business strategy and one that Google has been using for quite some time to undermine many businesses, as their golden goose is advertising. They can go and attack other businesses with little fear of counterattack. Their biggest threat is Bing, and Microsoft is still losing billions. They have no fear, and thus they are arrogant in attacking anyone and thumbing their nose at everyone, while saying the most ludicrous things.

    1. But it hasn’t work out to well for Google, and after all the infringement cases with the Android OS, it’s not going to work it also can be considered “if this story is true,”. The death march that Google will have to except and own.

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