China reportedly certifies iPhone 5, Apple may start iPhone 5 sales in China in October

“Believe it or not, recent report in China have suggested that Apple’s iPhone 5 may launch in China earlier, most likely in October,” Herman Lai reports for M.I.C. Gadget.

“The 3C (China compulsory certification) appeared to have approved Apple’s iPhone 5 far more expediently than it has in the past,” Lai reports. “With the previous models of the iPhone, it typically took Apple two months to receive its certification from China. But this time, the 3C mark came just five days after the iPhone 5 started selling in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore.”

Lai reports, “There’re two approvals left before Apple’s iPhone can reach the Chinese market via the two Chinese carrier. Typically, the process of getting approval from MIIT and China Radio Management agency take around 20 days.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Not sure Apple will overwhelm China as Chinese people have a lot of home grown options and a huge amount of civic pride. Always hard to predict American sentiment in Asia.

    Time will tell of course.

    1. You’re kidding me right?
      Apple is one of the few US companies to get a significant foothold in the Chinese market. There revenue from China is huge and only the tip of the iceberg.
      For China, the iPhone is a symbol of prosperity and the growing middle class there want to own products that are the original not cheap knock offs.
      The same can be said for Japan – not such a large market but Apple has successfully sold the iPhone there against a very strong internal market.

      1. Sorry… are you suggesting that Communist China is a democracy? Prosperity a la Wal-Mart? What is wrong with you?

        Why do people like you suggest that owning any device readily accessible to anyone including thrift type stores is somehow consider a symbol of prosperity? It’s a fuck’an phone idiot!

        Let’s see how Huawei, Lenovo and others react. You guys seem to think that Apple simply rolls along while other sit by and watch? Android rules the world market and they will play hard ball in China too.

        1. It is indeed just a phone. But an iPhone is considered a status symbol. You’re correct as far as Apple having lots of competition,especially homegrown. Fanboys just can’t understand that. But I think the iPhones will do just fine. However I just saw an analyst on tv say he thought it would be late 2013 before it is offered on China Mobile. Big difference from this writer (who has terrible grammar). We will see. I prefer 20 days but I don’t believe it .

          1. Fair enough of most of your points. Still not buying the status argument as status is BMW, Benz, etc… iPhone is not even close to this as it can be purchased just about anywhere and off plan not any more expensive than the high end Droids.

            1. You are correct about the status of Mercedes, BMW, etc., and in China they are coveted. But an automobile is an unaffordable luxury to most. Not only the cost of the car itself, but also the licensing, driver lessons, parking, and more.

              Your phone is more a fashion item. It is with you constantly, and you show it off. The Chinese also covet Burberry, Gucci, and all the other top tier fashion brands, so to they covet Apple products.

        2. Dear Gary J Numbnuts,

          There was no mention of democracy, or of WalMart – where did you get that idea?

          That the iPhone is copied is absolute proof that it is coveted. That which is not coveted is not copied.

          Have you ever been to China? I have. I can tell you that the modern Chinese may very well be the most brand conscious people in the world. Status labels are very important to them. So important that I have seen people there leave labels on items on which the label was intended to be removed before using.

          So yes, the clones will sell. The local product will sell. But those who can afford the real thing will buy an iPhone.

          1. Well, i live in China and nope i am not chinese.
            But hell, i saw how main store of Apple on Sanlitun Village had to get closed due to attacks of crowds of people due to issue of new version of Iphone 4.
            Chinese knock off’s markets are mostly for “fellow laowai”, but most of them will never buy it. Thats why on markets for foreigners, where all those fakes sells locals are rare.

    2. Yea, That ZTE android Jelly Bean Sandwich phone will really impress their friends. Those with the means want the best. I’ve heard problem with R/E market is no one wants to buy a “used” condo, so no one to flip to if it has been lived in.

  2. Have you noticed that the stock today on this “news” is ballooning? I wonder if the analysts who predicted >5M sales and were disappointed even considered that China had yet to approve the device for sale there. The stock price activity would suggest they did not. So their expectations of demand may have been correct but their supply calculations ignored this important market’s availability. Hmm.

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